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IFBB / WBF bodybuilder David Dirt died at age 56

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David dearth

The bodybuilding world was shocked by this week's news of the death of IFBB and WBF stage veteran David Dearth. According to online reports, Dirt died at the age of only 56. According to his web history, he was in the hospital for surgery to remove some abscesses. However, everything turned into a tragic turn, as Dirt had a heart attack right in the hospital. Doctors could not conduct resuscitation and everything ended with the death of an athlete. This sad news was brought to the public through a Facebook post from Jeff Petee, a friend of David. Dirt was known as a real bodybuilding star. In addition, he participated in competitions under the flag of the IFBB 1990-2001, and even performed in Olympia. However, after that he moved to the WBF and participated in this federation until the end of his career. David was known throughout the world of bodybuilding for his optimistic attitude towards life.

David dearth

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