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IFBB Diamond Cup 2020 and Elite Pro Malta to be held in August

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Malta is the place where amateur competitions IFBB Diamond Cup Malta and professional tournament IFBB Elite Pro 2020 will take place on August 29-30. IFBB Diamond Cup is held for the fourth year, and Elite Pro athletes perform for the third time. Arm wrestling will also be a new addition to this sporting event. The venue will again be in the beautiful Oracle Convention Center – Dolman Resort Malta. The IFBB Diamond Cup in Malta will be an amateur qualifier for the IFBB Elite Pro pro-federation, as well as an event for the 2020 IFBB World Ranking. Competitions are open to athletes from Europe, Africa and Asia. Competition Categories: Men's Bodybuilding Master Men's Bodybuilding Men's Classic Bodybuilding Masters Classic Bodybuilding Men's Physique Juniors Men's Physique Masters Men's Physique Classic Physique Women's Fit Model Women's Bodyfitness Masters Women's Bodyfitness Women's Bikini-Fitness Juniors Bikini-Fitness Masters Bikini-fitness Wellness Fitness Masters Wellness Fitness Women's Physique AWARDS The six best athletes in each category will be awarded a medal and certificate. In absolute comparisons, each discipline will have its own trophy. The top 5 athletes in male and female senior categories will be awarded points in the 2020 IFBB World Ranking in accordance with the World Ranking Rules. The 28 IFBB Elite Pro cards will be awarded to: Men's Physique (3), Muscular Men's Physique (2), Classic Bodybuilding (3), Classic Physique (2) and Bodybuilding (3), Women's Physique (2), Bodyfitness (2) , Bikini Fitness (3) and Wellness Fitness (2). Top 2 from Masters Bodybuilding, Masters Bikini Fitness & Masters Body Fitness will also receive their professional cards. Winners who received a Pro Card in Bodybuilding, Classic Physique. Body Fitness and Wellness Fitness can compete directly in the IFBB Elite Pro Malta tournament. IFBB Elite Pro Malta Professional Tournament The IFBB Elite Pro Malta event will compare participants in three categories: Bodybuilding, Wellness and Body Fitness. This tournament is open to all IFBB Elite Pro Professional League athletes. A total of € 13,000 in cash prizes will be distributed between the three categories. The winners of the event will be eligible to participate in the IFBB Elite Pro 2020 World Championship. Participants in second and fifth places will be awarded points in the 2020 IFBB Elite Pro Ranking. Further information can be requested by e-mail to the President of MFBBF President Mr. Ralph Decelis: [email protected]
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