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IFBB Covid-19 Competition Protocol for Athletes, Officials and Spectators

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The bodybuilding and fitness world has been hit hard by the large number of coronavirus infections around the world. With the start of the competitive season, which began to gradually return to normal, the IFBB created the IFBB Covid-19 Competition Protocol. This four-page set of rules was compiled with the sole purpose of making sure all athletes, judges and spectators are safe. The protocol may differ from country to country depending on government restrictions. Kevin Grech spoke to IFBB President Rafael Santonja about tournament precautions that are scheduled for the coming weeks. Santonja pledged that the IFBB will take all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of everyone attending their competition against the coronavirus. Below is the protocol from the IFBB headquarters in Spain. Download the complete IFBB Covid-19 Competition Protocol document in PDF format.

IFBB Covid-19

IFBB Covid-19

IFBB Covid-19 07/15/2020 293 0

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