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IFBB announces new professional category Master Elite Pro

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International professional League of bodybuilding and fitness IFBB Elite Pro on the official site has announced a new category for their performances in the competition Master Elite Pro. To obtain a card Master Elite Pro, there are certain criteria, they will be awarded to the following athletes:

  • The winners of all the categories of the world Championships and continental Championships in the master category
  • Overall winners in the master category for Invitational events.
  • Elite Pro athletes that meet the age requirements. They can participate in the competitions Elite Pro Master.

Age requirements for each category:

  • Master Bikini Fitness over 35 years
  • Master bodyfitness over 35 years
  • Master men’s bodybuilding over 40
  • Other categories will be added later

Competitions in the categories of Elite Pro Master:

The world championship IFBB Elite Pro Master Benidorm’s divisions: bikini, bodyfitness and bodybuilding
Other tournaments will be announced soon, follow our news.

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