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I want sushi: the benefits and harms of rolls and sushi for the figure

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1. Little cooked components

Mostly sushi and rolls, vegetables, rice and raw or prepared fish, that is, kilograms of excess salt and oil in them.

2. See what they’re made of

Therefore, it is possible to refuse high-calorie components in favor of vegetables and healthy fats.

3. Many omega 3

In most types of sushi and rolls have fish that eat everything, even if you don’t cook in real life.


1. Easy to add extra calories

Some types of the same fish is very high in calories. And the more the roll ingredients, the more calories.

2. Toppings — a real bomb

Spicy Mayo, tempura, an extra slice avocado and tobiko on top — a lot of unnecessary calories and fat.

3. The excess salt

In soy sauce it is usually quite a lot.

4. Figure

It is in the vast majority of recipes. In one average roll of rice — 200 calories and 45 grams of carbohydrates. Yes, it’s useful, but in moderation.

I ate sushi?

Depends on the recipe and the desire. Yes, they’re more useful than most other ready meals, and a reasonable choice of types will be very useful and not too rich. In addition, they do not eat every day.

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