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I had to open the gym to lose weight: story of our reader

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what if in the next year or two, I seriously will not do your body very soon going to look 20 years older than their age and feel I should be about the same. But what to do was unclear.

In his youth, to look good, I only had to sit on a diet for 4 weeks. But with age, suddenly it became clear that this scheme no longer works: weight left with great difficulty, beginning almost immediately, but even while it was visible it looked not so good. The body lose volume, but did not look very aesthetically pleasing. In this case, for all my life I have tried seem to be all the famous diets, which seriously undermine your hormones: it has failed, the weight began to increase as if by itself. You could help yourself, but I’ve always hated gyms: there I was bored so I bought a ticket, but it was quickly abandoned. And I’ve always worked a lot, so to get up at 6 am for my health just couldn’t bring myself to do it (in the morning I feel disgusting and have long collected), and in the evening I come home late, and forces in the sport anymore.

I knew that who wants to — looking for opportunities and trying to optimize their time to find the “window” into fitness. In recent years, I always had 3 cards in clubs: one near home, second at work and third on the way this room I really liked because of the Spa. And anyway, this scheme did not give the stability and did not bring me closer to the body of my dreams.

I once stumbled on advertising innovative fitness, where the workout lasted 20 minutes, and the result promised a knockout. “Fitness of the future!” — read the advertisement. I went to the fitness club, where you wear a special suit with electrodes that makes muscle to contract without your participation, and you are 20 minutes of intense exercise in it. This suit for many years the use of rehabilitation in professional sports. In the United States EMS clubs have long passed the peak of popularity, in Europe they are just at the peak. In Russia this kind of fitness has become popular recently.

EMS-fitness — sport with the use of electrical myostimulation. The electrodes in the suit stimulate your muscles to 100 beats per minute, and thus, working in EMS-suit, you’ll use up to 98% of all your muscles. So 20 minutes is enough to pump all the muscle groups. And this workout efficiency is no different from a full three-hour workout in a gym.

I walked in EMS club for about two months and saw great progress. I was most struck by the time required for training: 20 minutes 2-3 times a week in my crowded schedule can be found. Very soon, I wanted to own her own Studio, which would not only generate revenue, but also become the place where I’m beautiful and extend their youth. At this point came the realization that the main goal is not to lose weight, but to maintain the result for life. It motivated me to do business in the field of fitness and beauty. And some kind of link to technology and innovation did this direction to me close and clear.

I remember how we ran in the night to visit my friend, who was on maternity leave and together with us raids I went to the gym in the spring (so-called “snowdrops”, Yes), and begin with it without stopping to tell you about a business idea on opening an EMS-Studio. The same night she agreed with me to start this business, then we very quickly started to implement.

Now I have not had a chance to live in the same form. To all my clients and partners I had to show a personal example.

I decided to try an experiment. For your transformation I laid 6 months. The initial goal was to lose 10 kg and to change the shape of the buttocks without surgery. I started with a full examination of my physical condition. It turned out that serious violations of hormonal background prevented me from quickly to lose weight a regular diet as before. That is the principle of “just not there” will not help in this condition. Since I have a lot of time in his life sat on different diets, levels of the hormone leptin have been severely violated. And since I, like most modern young ladies, all my life am a modeless way of life, little sleep, late bedtime, drink a lot of coffee, work long hours and often get nervous, I have, of course, was highly elevated stress hormone — cortisol. High cholesterol now every second over 25 years, and, in addition to various internal problems with blood vessels and everything, cholesterol affects our appearance. We at least look stale. And, by the way, elevated cortisol, even in very thin women is a cause of belly instead of a beautiful press. Any hormonal problems are somehow visible on our face and body. And so with these figures I started to work on myself.

I trained 2 times a week and junk food has replaced healthy. On the diet I was only eating right! During these three months I twice in three weeks ate in the mode of a calorie deficit, which combined with the EMS-training in cardio mode. Once a week was power EMS-training. I worked in the day time so rode cortisol levels.

The first 10 kg I lost in 3 months. I remember the response I had when all the clothing was very big, and the back began to recall images from the advertising brochures of underwear. At this moment in my mind there is a serious transformation regarding what is feminine beauty. All my life I thought that once a little weight and thin means beautiful, if only this was a narrow waist. Now I finally realized that the quality of body and its quantity is a very different goal. The true value lies in the work on quality of your body and life.

And here is the results of work for 6 months:

— minus 2 clothing size (S to L);

— minus 15 kg of weight (pure fat);

— minus 11 cm in the chest;

or minus 10 cm in the waist;

— minus 13 cm in each side;

minus 12 cm in the hips;

17% less body fat.

From the pros:

— plus 3 kg of muscle mass;

relief body;

— elastic skin;

— changed the shape of the buttocks;

— hormones are in full order.

Well, the main plus: I ceased to be like her and again felt young, energetic, and healthy girl. I no longer have morning sickness, I don’t have a headache, I’m hard to bore anything. My settings are now very close to ideal standards (90/64/93). Although my personal standards during this time shifted towards more voluminous priests.

In this form I live already the fifth month. After the diet, usually within one to two months all came back quickly. And now, even when I had breaks camily and self-catering during the vacations and trips, I did not gain more than 1.5 kg. And the good news is that it’s always been water and fat percentage continued to decline.

I often jokingly tell my friends that in order for me to lose weight, had to open its own EMS-Studio. Fortunately, this business has been successful. We very quickly realized that was not enough customers in other clubs and realized it’s all in the Fit&Beauty. We’ve got a great team of professionals and like-minded young energetic guys. Every member of the Studio sincerely wants you to lose weight, pumped six-pack abs, has changed. All our training is personal training with a trainer, alone, without prying eyes; locker rooms with private showers. And there is all that is needed for workout: one-off sports stuff and any personal hygiene products. I’d love it if Cosmo readers will find in his life 20 minutes to one day test himself in a Fit&Beauty.

If you want serious and fast changes in your appearance, we invite you to our club! Promo code for all Cosmo readers waiting for a 10% discount on your first subscription!

Julia Vikhreva

The founder of the network studios Fit&Beauty

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