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“I am infinitely glad that I live”: a history of the emergence of the Fund of struggle against leukemia

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a little girl, a million worries and a sense of chronic, exhausting fatigue. However, in a big city to be constantly tired — the rule rather than the exception. To be tired and even a little fashionable and commendable: if you’re tired, so tried, gave it your 100%. In the two months Maria lost a lot of weight and started to fall into a swoon. Tired tired she still went to the district hospital, where she got the flu, was prescribed antibiotics and sent home. And then the ambulance arrived.

“In March 2006 I was taken by ambulance to 52-th clinical hospital. I did not understand what happened to me. My husband said that you just need to pass the examination. On the second day of stay in the hospital I wanted to flee, every day someone of the patients died. It was very scary. A week later I was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia. The first course of chemotherapy. After the second course I’m bald and continued to lose weight.”

Unfortunately, in this case, chemotherapy could be given only a temporary reprieve, rescue could only be bone marrow transplantation. The doctors offered to check on the donation of his sister and if she comes back, to prepare for bone marrow transplantation. Sasha then planned the second pregnancy, but to save my sister, postponed the birth of a child. Mary was lucky, because the donor’s family find only 15% of patients. Strangely enough, but much more similar in genetic code are often complete strangers.

Mary thought that the hard part is to survive the surgery, but the real difficulty came after. She could not walk, lie down, sit. Six months after transplantation still had to take a large number of drugs that consumed a huge amount of money — almost everything that was possible to earn. But there was good news: as soon as Masha was better, they are civil and my husband went to the registry office and got married — during the illness their feelings grew, the couple decided to get married.

At the end of November will be 11 years as Masha held a bone marrow transplant. After surgery the sisters are as if reversed: combat and purposeful Sasha began to spend more time home, and “home” Masha began to build a career. Defeating cancer, Maria created the Foundation for the fight against leukaemia, to help others — to look for doctors, money, donors, any help and support that is so necessary for adults, faced with a serious illness.

“In our country, why it is not taken to help adults. Typically, cancer in an adult causes a sympathetic sighs, but not wanting to help. The task of our Fund to change this attitude. Adults can and should help! The Fund is primarily people who are not indifferent to the suffering of others. You can donate money, clothes; you can become a volunteer and donated their labor to help those in need. Any help — she’s in demand. Only joint efforts can effectively solve any problem. I’m sure to pass indifferently by someone else’s grief is not something to support those who, for objective reasons, needs the assistance, it is necessary that good deeds can and should educate their children a sense of belonging and compassion.”

To draw attention to the problems of adults with cancer of the blood, and to help those who are struggling with illness, Fund the fight against leukemia came up with the action #Krasnystaw. This year the campaign runs from September 5 to October 14. To help Fund and his team, a network of beauty salons Fingers, Nail Spot, KYNSI and Bless My Nails offered to do a charity manicure and pedicure with special design, the proceeds from which will be transferred to the Fund.

Restaurants and Gadget Studio Meat Puppets bar & meatarea developed a special menu, choosing a dish from which you help Fund the fight against leukemia.

More ways to help — in #Krasnystaw and on the website of the Foundation for the fight against leukemia.

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