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Eat together!

Only proper nutrition

Husband and healthy lifestyles: how to convince a loved one to go on a proper diet

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Don’t tell that you’re in HLS

The first rule of Fight club is do not talk about Fight club. No one will not feel delight, knowing that tomorrow he goes from the dumplings on the sprouted quinoa. So don’t make declarations about what you will now eat in new ways. Start with cooking something familiar, but balanced. For example, order a service Shefmarket range of family menu. You will bring products and fotoretseptia to each of the dinners. None of them are at first glance similar to the “tiny” — on the contrary, all the dishes are familiar and usual. However, spaghetti with chicken meatballs only 145 calories per 100 grams, and the Turkey meatballs in a crispy breading — 134 kcal. Meals balanced (over their creation worked not only chefs, and nutritionists), so it can be considered the first step to a healthy diet. Very neat step, after which you can order, say, a line of fitness menu.

Buy a good frying pan

If your husband or boyfriend respects the fried meat, try to change the way of cooking. Buy pan grilled with thick walls: the grooves will allow oil to drain, and thus reduce the caloric value of the dish, leaving the taste familiar. This method of cooking there is only one drawback: the grill smokes like it should. So check below the hood in your apartment worked well and the kitchen door closed. Otherwise, prerequisites for HLS will smell not only your dinner, but the hair and clothes.

Reduce portions and replace refills

Not by half and not even a quarter, but only by a little. For example, let the salmon steak weighs 250 grams, and 200. So it won’t look lonely on the plate, increase the portion of side dish: broccoli, mashed potatoes with celery, green peas, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes. Life hack: replace salad dressing. Suppose that instead of olive oil is, for example, soy sauce. Or lemon juice and mustard, because in two tablespoons of any oil is about 170 calories.

Take harmful snacks

Life hack that is known for longer than Aerosmith and the TV series “er”: a person eats sweets and other not healthy food, when he sees them in front of him. If the house always access the marshmallows, chocolate-covered raisins and ice cream — no doubt, they will be destroyed (and about healthy eating will be forgotten). But if you need to get up and walk to the store where they sell candy, chances are good that the person will zelenitsa and not going anywhere. Use it at home and not keep sweets and junk food.

Turn on the color

It is no secret that the human brain responds to bright things faster. If you want to pay close attention to a healthy food (e.g., sliced carrots, celery or almonds), put it in a bright vase or container. Important: nuts should be a little as a hundred grams of almonds contain not only healthy fats, so necessary for energy, but and 609 kcal. And the hazelnut — 651 kcal.

Add fun in the process

Proper nutrition many people, regardless of gender, is associated with limitations: unsalted oatmeal for Breakfast, chicken breast for lunch, cheese for dinner. Even the tenth concert of the group “Arrows” on this background looks more fun. Try not to tell but show the husband or boyfriend that healthy food is not so sad: cook something together. For example, Turkey rolls with zucchini and broccoli — he would cut meat and green onion, and you zucchini into thin strips and twist beautiful rolls. The portion of food will get huge 800 grams but lightweight: 57 kcal per 100 grams. And cooking with others brings.

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