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Hunter Labrada vs. Patrick Moore at Tampa Pro 2020

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For the first time in twelve years, the professional bodybuilding and fitness competition Wings of Strength Tampa Pro 2020 will be held under coronavirus quarantine. All areas of the Florida Grand Hotel Hyatt Tampa Bay will require the use of masks from members and officials at all times. Athletes can take off their masks only when they are waiting to go on stage. To minimize interpersonal contact, trophies, medals and tournament financial awards will be donated with gloves. The Tampa Pro can be watched live on the Internet, but for good reason, viewers will pay a total of $ 44.99 to view the day across all categories. The COVID-19 pandemic will of course affect the tournament lineup. Due to various travel restrictions, it will not be as diverse nationwide as it has been in recent years. But it will be the largest professional show to have been staged since the March Arnold Classic, as a series of events have been canceled or postponed over the past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is why iron sports fans are keeping a close eye on the preparations for the Wings of Strength event in Tampa. The big surprise on the Tampa Pro 2020 starter list will be the name Patrick Moore. Following the cancellation of the Wings of Strength tournament in Puerto Rico and with other summer events being uncertain, the American heavyweight decided to start in Tampa at the last minute. His competitive coach, Chrise Aceta, will try to rebuild his reputation, which he ruined somewhat during his performance at the Arnold Classic in Columbus. Of course, Patrick's main goal is to win the tournament and qualify for Olympia 2020 in December, but Hunter Labrada and Samson Dauda and other applicants will also arrive in Florida with the same ambitions. By the way, Hunter Labrada ), A 28-year-old rookie, is about to make his debut in Tampa, and while he has no pro division experience, he has no choice but to win and qualify for Mr. Olympia 2020. Hunter has published most of his current workouts in the ideal sports club light (as reported by, but he recently made an exception and released photos taken at home just after he woke up.
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Hunter Labrada

Wings of Strength Tampa Pro 2020
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