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Hunter Labrada Jr. 122 kg before pro-debut

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One of Jim Manion's most anticipated professional debuts next year in IFBB Pro Professional League will be played by Hunter Labrada Junior. An 175 cm American comes from a family of bodybuilders and deliberately chose the New York Pro 2020 tournament for his first performance as a pro, which to some extent can be considered a replacement for the famous Champions Night. Namely, in 1986, his father Lee Labrada won his debut among professionals, so the event in New York next year is of particular importance. Of course, it is not known whether the son will be able to repeat everything on May 16, but be sure that the novice professional will do everything possible to do this. As you can see in the following photos, Hunter, who is twenty-eight years old, showed a weight of 121.5 kg (268 lb) about twenty-one weeks before going on stage.

Hunter labrada junior

Hunter labrada junior

Hunter labrada junior

Hunter labrada junior

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