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How weight loss affects the heart?

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Losing excess weight usually is considered solely from an aesthetic aspect, most people are not aware of the benefits of losing weight for health. How weight loss affects the heart?

To get rid of excess weight it is necessary not only to become more beautiful, weight loss carries health benefits. Extra pounds risk of developing diseases of the heart and blood vessels, so the loss of 5 to 10% of body weight reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, heart attack and other diseases.

National Institute of health published in the official publication of the New England information about the benefits of weight loss for the heart. Reducing the number of calories in the diet in any diet reduces the risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system, this conclusion emerged in the course of scientific research. From this it follows that for heart health, reducing caloric intake is more important than the type of diet and representation of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Scientists from the American heart Association supports this idea and did my own research. The participants not only reduced calorie daily diet to 500 calories, but also added exercise, just 90 minutes of exercise a week. The results of the experiment were similar among the participants were exposed to the risk of heart disease people, after a few weeks, the indicators of health are higher, and the risk for heart below.

Thus, to take care of the health of the heart and blood vessels, need to lose weight by only 5-10%. The decrease in the percentage of fat in the body reduces the load on the blood vessels, resistance vessels decreases, blood pressure also decreases.

Natural lowering blood pressure reduces the extent of the need of taking drugs to reduce pressure.

The diameter of the vessels becomes higher, the risk of arterial clogging becomes lower, the blood runs freely to all the organs and tissues, and are also freely flowing from them.

Weight triglyceride levels in the blood also decreases, this also applies to the low-density lipoprotein, causing obstruction of blood flow through the vessels and the accompanying threat of disease. With increasing body weight in turn increases blood pressure, causing blood begin to form clots.

If you have a large localization of fat on the body, usually the abdomen, with high probability we can assume that around the heart there are also deposits of visceral fat. Visceral fat is much more dangerous than subcutaneous, people with a uniform distribution of fat tissues in the body risk of development of diseases of vessels and hearts below.

The presence of excess fat in the body, especially if it is localized in certain areas suggests that it is necessary to immediately undergo the medical examination. Diagnostics and specialist advice will not only help to determine the degree of exposure to the risk of cardiovascular diseases, as well as to choose the safe method for weight loss. From cardiology patients often redirect to a dietitian or to classes of medical physical culture. The condition depends on the condition of the body, so watch yourself, it is important not only for reasons of the beauty of the figure.

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