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How to use supersets?

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If you play sports, then at least heard the term “superset”. What is called a superset, what benefits they bring? How to use supersets in their workouts?

If you spent some time in the gym, you have probably heard the term “superset”. Not knowing what it means, you might think that is a great exercise that will make your body strong and muscular. This is not true, although the correct use of supersets can actually make you a superhero.

Call the superset two exercises that are performed one after another without rest or with a slight pause. The use of supersets reduces the training time in half, you don’t spend time on individual execution of each exercise. Supersets are used with the widest purpose, you can combine any two element of training to reduce the time. But the best strategy is to combine two exercises for opposite muscle groups, it will make training more effective. Fulfilling part of one muscle group, you allow other muscle group.

The use of supersets is useful when you want to reduce practice time. If you train intensely and put your body to high loads, the duration of pauses between supersets should allow fully recover before performing the next element.

What exercises to combine into supersets is handled individually based on the tasks and possibilities of your body.

Before you combine two exercises in a superset, you need to be sure of the correct implementation of each of them. Supersets is something that is done quickly enough, the level of automaticity. If training aims to improve endurance, intervals between supersets should be minimal. If the goal is to build muscle mass, supersets are performed with large weights and so long pauses to once again become ready to take the weight. To perform 1-5 repetitions with a weight not less than 85% of their maximum max rest between supersets should be between 2 to 5 minutes. If you do 6-12 repetitions with a weight of 65-85% of your maximum limit, vacation will be enough minutes. Trainers are advised to vary not only the weight and number of repetitions, but duration of pauses between supersets, this will allow you to build a suitable program.

To overcome stagnation in muscle growth and enhance muscle hypertrophy often it is recommended to connect the set of two exercises for one muscle group and alternate sets for different muscle groups. This approach will provide a high enough load, but it will give a strong impetus to muscle growth. Since the sets will work different muscle groups, rest between them will be enough minutes.

The use of supersets reduce the time for training, but it significantly increases the load. It is important to be sure that your body is ready to withstand the increased loads and also to carry out a quality warm-up before performing supersets.

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