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How to use green tea for weight loss?

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Green tea for weight loss can be taken not only in the form of a brewed beverage. If you don’t like to drink green tea, take it in the form of tablets, drinks or added to food.

The use of green tea for weight loss is not limited to brewing classic teas, the technique involves many variations. Brewed green tea can be drunk hot or cold if the drink was sick, then on its basis it is possible to prepare other drinks, and if you don’t like green tea you can use green tea extract in the form of capsules, tablets and supplements.
Green tea extract works just as effectively as the classic drink, it helps to see changes in your figure without harm to health. How to use green tea for weight loss?

Brew and drink

If you love to drink green tea, it will be the best way for weight loss. Green tea without sugar is a refreshing drink without the calories, it will help to Wake up in the morning without disturbing the sleep in the evening. Winter hot cold tea will warm and give strength, summer green ice tea will bring a pleasant coolness and will help to transfer the heat. This natural drink is universal, useful things are very tasty.

To drink other drinks

If you can’t accept that green tea is tasty, but you need to choose an alternative technique. If green tea without sugar seems too bitter, then as output you can add a little honey. However, it should be remembered that even though honey and healthier than refined sugar, but it contains a huge amount of calories. To improve the taste of green tea you can add cinnamon, it contains no calories and also has the property of promoting weight loss.

On the basis of green tea you can make a latte or frappuccino, but it is important to consider how other components of the drink will affect the body.
Taking green tea tablets

Supplements, tablets and capsules based on green tea extract is a way for those who can not tolerate it in its pure form and in other beverages. With the help of drugs based on green tea is easier to control your weight loss, you will always know the exact dosage and take as much extract as you want. Besides drink a capsule of green tea extract will take less time than brewing a classic beverage, it is beneficial for people with a minimal amount of free time. When buying the pills based on green tea you need to carefully study their composition for the presence of undesirable components. Green tea extract works by himself, he needs no addition of chemical substances.

Add green tea in your food

If you grind dry green tea in a coffee grinder, it will be an interesting addition to many dishes. Crushed green tea – this is an unusual spice that will make the dish more tart, and the figure is more slender. It is important to remember that the use of green tea in tablets or additives to dishes daily need to drink plenty of water.
Green tea is effective, safe and requires a lot of options to choose from. Relying on green tea for weight loss, you will not only lose weight, but also fill your body with antioxidants, improve health, keep fit.

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