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How to turn a walk with the dog in training

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How to turn a walk with the dog in training

Walking the dog is a “two in one” – the health benefits of both dog and owner. The main thing is to follow a few important rules of walking a dog person. On the use and rules discuss in detail.

5 the “pros” walking the dog

  • No. 1 – the fresh air. The changing composition of the air we breathe, temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions is an important factor in strengthening the human immune system, activating its own defense against diseases, especially various SARS.
  • No. 2 – movement. Once scientists estimate that the average person, in average, runs 168 minutes a week and the dog owner – 300. If you are not sitting as “real estate” while your four-legged friend celebrating their natural needs and fun rides with opposing dogs, and move, and have enough walking, at least half an hour twice a day, the duration, the lack of exercise you are not afraid, and your muscles remember their functions.
  • No. 3 – training of the heart and blood vessels. While you go down the stairs, running around the yard, to select a bone that your Bobby or Fido picked up in the trash, bend down a hundred times for the ride to untangle the leash, etc. your heart muscle performs many additional cuts, the blood through the vessels running at different speeds. They work, i.e. increase.
  • No. 4 – the wasted energy. Even if you’re not particularly tense, walking the dog, still spending more calories than lying in front of the TV or cuddling with my laptop, which means your fat stores are slowly but surely being spent.
  • No. 5 – stress. Walk alone with your four-legged friend, sometimes digging in with the same avid dog lovers, full of positive emotions. In our times of chronic stress is positive to get quite difficult. And there is always at hand the ability to charge from the “batteries tailed” the love and joy of life.

5 rules of useful walking the dog

  • No. 1 gradual. If your walking the dog was short and static, should not be from 40 minutes to run around like a madman, carrying a foaming pet. This can be dangerous for the health of the host, and for the health of the dog. Start with a brisk walk, a week later move on to light Jogging, if your doctor wouldn’t mind. Because patients with some systemic diseases or pathologies of the musculoskeletal apparatus, blood vessel lesions, advanced degrees of obesity running is completely contraindicated. Then you have to limit the walking and gymnastic exercises.
  • No. 2 – the correct route. Let him run through the Park or a green zone, not along a busy highway, so the dog relax and have fun and both of you could breathe fresh air and not exhaust gases. It is better if the area for lessons fitness will be rough, so you have to change the tempo and make different efforts that will help to disperse the metabolism. And the dog, too.
  • Number 3 – warm-up. Divide the walk into two parts. The first part may be a warm-up, during which the pet will go about their important business, and you will warm up muscles and prepare them for the cardio part of fast walking or running.
  • No. 4 – supply of water. Extreme thirst during fitness may suddenly experience as a man and his four-legged friend. Therefore, if we are talking about a long walk, for example, a trip out of town, you should have a water bottle for yourself and another one for “that guy”.
  • №5 – the equipment. Take a walk favorite toy of your dog, for example, the ball. It will help you to train muscles of hands. If you have a bike, you can try to combine walking with pet and Cycling sessions.

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