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How to swing with a lack of equipment

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How to swing with a lack of equipment

The fashion for healthy lifestyle is extremely widespread, but in small towns and villages in a difficult situation with a full-fledged gyms. What do you do, dreams to do with fitness, but not able?

One solution is to use your wits. If you approach the preparation of training programs and modification of exercises wisely, you can give up special equipment at all. For training in Spartan conditions will require determination and motivation.

How to do fitness in a poorly equipped room

If you have access to the gym, where there is no part of the necessary fixtures, use existing equipment as efficiently as possible. No way to work the muscles with a few exercises? Do one thing, but carefully and in twelve or fifteen sets.

For example, a sports hall equipped with a simulator for the bench press. This exercise is considered to be the most effective for muscles of the shoulder girdle. To get the effect of inclined bench press, you need to push the bench forward slightly and perform the movement in the direction upwards and backwards. Similarly, the simulated tritasavit bench: stand on a bench, bend over and pull the handle up. On the same principle trains the biceps.

Simulator for the chest muscles you can use for squats, if you omit the neck and to stand on the bench. It can also do a deadlift and bench press because of the head. The last exercise is performed in standing and sitting.

How to follow a healthy lifestyle without exercise equipment

Fitness can and at home. There are many effective exercises to perform which do not require sports equipment and the additional weight. A good example conventional push UPS, successfully replacing the chest press. From that, how close hand, depends on receiving the greatest load, the muscle group of the chest.

Biceps swinging with the help of the table. Firmly grasp the lid of the Desk, bending your elbows and gradually unbent ago. In a similar way trains back: you need to take reliable upper support bracket and pull forward and down.

The triceps act in the same push-UPS, but you will need to put one wrist on top of the other and slightly forward hands forward. Also useful for reverse push UPS, where as a support you can use two sturdy chairs. Delta sway with push-UPS from the wall, but movements should be performed vertically. These simple exercises when regularly performed, is able to develop muscles is not worse than high-tech simulators.

If there is no equipment to replace

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