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How to swing a press

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Everyone wants to have beautiful and slim body. Abs – cherished dream of girls and guys. To achieve such relief is necessary to know some details that will help achieve results faster. In this article You will learn how to swing a press with no harm to health.


To have relief stomach and the girl, and the guys just need to follow some rules:

  • If You are faced with the problem of excess weight, You require diet (consult with a specialist, only he can prescribe correct diet, which will not harm the body).
  • If You have a flat stomach, emphasis should be focused on fat burning exercises.
  • Keep an active lifestyle and monitor your posture. Scoliosis contributes to the atrophy of back muscles, which adversely affects the condition of the press. This problem will help You cope yoga.
  • Practice comprehensively, not to fixate their attention on direct muscle. Strengthen the muscles of the body to have a proportional body.
  • Include in your program the exercise “vacuum” to develop the domestic press.
  • During a workout, check that the press was constantly in voltage, it will increase efficiency.
  • Do not overdo it, follow the program (do not perform any action more times).
  • The 7 is not a difficult, but important guidelines are the first step in achieving the goal.

    Basic exercises at home
    Before you begin training, please note that You need willpower.

    If You are not eager to pump up the cubes, you should not try to do it. If You are willing to endure muscle pain and to provide for the exercise half an hour three times a week to begin consideration of the basic exercises. How much time will it take? It all depends on Your fitness level, body type and metabolism. So, how to build six-pack abs?

  • Take a horizontal position, belly up, put your hands at your sides. Slowly raise your legs without bending them at the knees to 45 degrees. Repeat 10 times, take a five-minute break and repeat the exercise. To the extent possible, increase the number climbs to within one month You could reach 25-30 times.
  • Take the situation lying down belly up, crumple my hands and feet to pull yourself. Lift shoulder blades off the floor so that the waist stayed in place. Perform the action 30 times for two repetitions. Over time, it is necessary to increase the load up to 50 times.
  • Accept the situation is the same as in the second exercise. Lift the upper body off the floor and touch your right elbow to left knee, then left to right.
  • This exercise – increased complexity. Take position as in the first exercise. Lift the straight leg up, then raise your upper body. Repeat step six times.
  • Exercises in the gym

    If You decide to pull your body in the gym, we recommend You to pay attention to the following exercises:

  • 1.For pumping lower press exercise on the monkey bars. Raise legs perpendicular to the body (if You find it hard, then bend them at the knees).
  • 2.For this exercise You will need a Roman chair. Raise it upper body at least 20 times.
  • 3.Lie on a bench and holding handrails, repeat cross-twisting that can be done at home, only on the floor.
  • We recommend the first month workout with a trainer to show You correct technique and timely bug fixes. Before pumping the press well, heat the muscles, do not forget about cardio exercises (at the beginning of the training work out on a treadmill).

    Note the importance of proper nutrition. Your diet should be balanced, to exclude fried and fatty foods. Don’t forget about to drink at least two liters of fluid a day. Water removes toxins from the body and accelerate the process of pumping the press. Good luck!

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