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How to swim in the pool to lose weight

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The swimming plenty of advantages, including:

  • The almost complete absence of contraindications (no joint problems)
  • Use for the back
  • Active calorie burning up to 400 calories in 45 minutes
  • An effective method of dealing with cellulite
  • Improving heart and lung
  • The workout of all muscles

This sport will not only make the body fit but will also bring real benefits for the entire body. How to swim in the pool to lose weight? See our instruction!

Where to start

The first trip to the pool need to be prepared. First, to issue a medical certificate. Usually this can be done in the pool or in the any medical center. Secondly, you need to select the area for training. Try different ways to find the best for you the length of the track (25m or 50m), the location of the pool, etc. in the Summer it is very nice to train in open areas, such is in many cities of Russia. And finally, the most enjoyable part of training is the equipment. Fortunately, many brands in this season released sport one piece swimsuits with interesting prints, so bored just do not have. Don’t forget about the soft cap, rubber flip flops, swimming goggles and cosmetics that will protect your hair and skin after swimming.

How much to swim in the pool

Optimal workout length is 45 minutes. By the way, the short duration can also be attributed to the pluses of the voyage that is always true for those who want to catch it. Enough to do 2 times a week. How much time to swim in the pool? From 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depends on your goals. If you’re training for a triathlon, for example, the workout will be long, as one session, you’re going to swim a couple of kilometers. If your goal is just to bring the figure in order to add life to more physical activity, enough for a 45-minute workout. The main thing — to swim and less to stand at the railing.

How to swim in the pool

Try this pattern for beginners:

  • 5-7 minutes warm-up on land
  • 10 minutes — smooth sailing, that is warm up in the water
  • 20 minutes — training with intervals and alternating different muscle groups. 100 meters fast, then 50 metres slowly. Another 100 meters, you only work legs (hands holding a plate). 50 meters slowly, rest. 100 meters — only the hands (plank clamped down).
  • 5 minute hitch, smooth sailing on the back or another favorite style.

The greater efficacy for weight loss will give interval training — alternates swimming at a fast pace with the slow intervals, try not to make pauses. Such exercises help burn 3-5 times more calories!

To work out specific muscle groups will help aid, which are in any pool. If your goal is to make the legs and thighs slimmer, take a plate with both hands, pull it in front of him and intensively work with the legs. To build the exercises correctly will help the trainer advice: he podkorrektirovatj technique and show how to use the equipment for solving your tasks.

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