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How to survive the winter: 7 lifehacks to raise the mood in a dark season

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1. Take a walk on a Sunny day

If you don’t like winter, it doesn’t mean she never will. Choose a day when the sun shines especially bright and is reflected in the snow. Start a course of vitamin D (pre-take the test to make sure its deficit), and will soon feel better.

2. Add light

Dark winter evenings preventing the production of serotonin. Get a light blue light, which will stimulate the production of the right hormones. Don’t close the curtains without the need, often look out the window during the daylight hours. And don’t forget to gradually reduce the amount of light before going to sleep, not to knock circadian rhythms and cause insomnia.

3. More move

Yeah, don’t want to, but it will be easier to survive until spring. Simply walk down the street and to banish unpleasant thoughts. But at home you can take charge.

4. Watch what you eat

One of the secrets of happiness is at the tip of the plug. People who are experiencing SAD or depressed, often absorb more sugar and carbohydrates that has unpleasant consequences. Look in the direction of vegetables, salads and whole grain products.

5. Drink chamomile tea

Advice from grandma, but it works! A recent study has shown that chamomile can reduce the symptoms of anxiety disorders.

6. Taste new

Best winter sport: skiing, skating, snowboarding. It’s fun and can help to come to terms with the cold season.

7. Change what surrounds you

You can’t influence the weather, but the walls can be made lighter, buy bright pillowcases on the pillows to hang on the wall a funny picture, and screen saver to deliver a summer beach or a Sunny day. These details set the mood.

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