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How to strengthen the neck: the rules of classes and a set of exercises

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How to strengthen the neck: the rules of classes and a set of exercises

The contents

  • Anatomical structure of the neck
  • Rules of drawing up program fitness workouts to strengthen the neck muscles
  • Contraindications for training
  • Block of exercises for stretching of the cervical spine
  • Exercises to strengthen the neck, performed in the fitness room
  • Effective strength exercises for home training
  • Useful tips for successful fitness training

Why special attention should be given exercises to strengthen the neck? Due to the sedentary lifestyle the muscle fibers of the neck are prone to stress and stagnation. This, in turn, causes disruptions in the work of nerve endings, muscle spasms and blood vessels, slowing blood circulation, which is accompanied by the formation of swelling and severe pain.

Weak muscle fibers, calcification, the presence of protrusion and hernia or curvatures in the spine adversely affect the health and thereby worsen the quality of human life. Excessive tension in the cervical spine and underdeveloped muscles cause poor health, headaches, the development of osteoarthritis.

From an aesthetic point of view fitness training in this zone helps the men to acquire a powerful, harmoniously developed neck showing strength and masculinity, and the girls they needed to improve elasticity of skin, eliminate flabby, sagging areas, including for getting rid of a double chin.

Anatomical structure of the neck

Cervical skeleton is formed of 7 interconnected vertebrae that are protected by groups of deep, middle and superficial muscle fibers. The cervical muscles are directly involved in any motor activity of the neck: tilt, rotate, rotation; as well as help to keep the head upright.

Study neck muscles provides additional support to the spine, improve posture and eliminate pain in the neck, is an effective prevention of various diseases of musculoskeletal nature.

Rules of drawing up program fitness workouts to strengthen the neck muscles

Besides the fact that the neck muscles are themselves quite weak and vulnerable, and the whole of this area of the body is surrounded by a large number of nerve endings and blood vessels. This should be considered when drawing up the program of fitness training to strengthen the neck. Only a competent approach and adherence to the rules described below will help to avoid injuries and negative consequences for human health.

Key rules fitness workouts for the study of cervical area:

  • Before the start of classes, you will warm-up the warm-up that gradually prepare the muscle fibers and joint and ligaments for the forthcoming activity. It will approach a rotary, rotary and circular movements with head, shoulders, hands, body, and tilts forward, backward and sideways.
  • Combining strength exercises with stretching elements. These types of physical activity complement each other. Using the power muscles is shortened, and the elements of stretching-complex help it to stretch. This combination of loads greatly increases the effectiveness of the training and allows you to avoid pain and discomfort during class.
  • Proper exercise technique. This rule will protect the contractor from the negative effects of the training are: personal injury and sprains.
  • To meet all elements of training programs should smoothly and steadily. Any sudden movement can easily provoke stretching of muscles and ligaments. It is important to listen to your own feelings, try to experience the work of each muscle.
  • The load should be moderate intensity proportionate to the level of physical readiness of the contractor. To avoid wear and General overtraining of the body. Enough to do 3-5 times a week.
  • A gradual progression of loads. We should start with a minimum working weights and basic exercises, and then the growth of physical strength and endurance to add a load using a heavier shells and complicated modification of sports items.
  • Contraindications for training

    Exercises to strengthen the neck had a number of limitations to run. It is not recommended to conduct such trainings:

    • in the presence of hernias and protrusions in the cervical spine;
    • in aggravated conditions of cervical degenerative disc disease;
    • acute stages of inflammatory and infectious diseases;
    • hypertension;
    • after recent surgery;
    • diseases of the thyroid gland.

    To start training only after consulting with your doctor. If during the lessons there are severe pain in the neck, you experience dizziness, blackouts or sudden jumps in blood pressure, you should immediately terminate exercise and consult a specialist.

    Block of exercises for stretching of the cervical spine

    All exercises stretching-the unit must run smoothly at a slow pace and with a fixed detent at the extreme point of tension for 5-7 seconds.

    Quality to stretch the neck can help:

    • the head tilts forward and sideways;
    • the head tilts backward and sideways;
    • turn heads with overcoming resistance of hands;
    • tilts forward and back with overcoming resistance of hands;
    • traction head up.

    Exercises to strengthen the neck, performed in the fitness room

    The following program will require the certain skills and skills. Inexperienced fitness enthusiasts should seek help from a professional instructor. In the gym to strengthen the neck should implement the following isolation exercises:

    • Flexion-extension of the neck lying on his stomach

    Performed on the horizontal bar. For this you need to lie on your stomach, head and neck to hang freely from the bench. Up to take the disc from the rod, make the head and lay on the back of the head, gently holding it. On the inhale lower the head to touch the chin chest. On the exhale, raise the head before the formation of a straight line with the body.

    • Neck flexion lying on the back

    Lie on the horizontal bench for fitness. To take up gymnastics disc. Put it on the forehead, previously covered it with a towel. At run time, for security purposes, hold the disc by hand. On the inhale take your head back, exhale to lift her top, trying to reach the chin to the chest.

    • Lateral bending

    The exercise is performed by analogy with the previous position of lying on its side. The technique is aimed at giving a beautiful relief of the cervical region.

    • Exercise with the cap body Builder

    Fix on the head with sports equipment. To lie down on his stomach on the bench. Lower as possible below the head. Hands to hold on to something for support. On the exhale slowly lift your head up. On the inhale return to the starting position.

    For women’s training is sufficient for 8-10 repetitions of each item. Men are required to perform 2 sets, repeating each element 10 times.

    Effective strength exercises for home training

    Home training does not require special training and additional equipment. They are equally effective for both men and women. The following elements of fitness suitable to perform at home.

    • Srage or vertical motion of the shoulders

    Exercise can be performed with dumbbells or without. Feet should be placed shoulder width apart. The shoulders and the chest is expanded. On the exhale, lift the shoulders as high up as possible, inhale to lower them down.

    • Lift the head from prone position

    Lie on the floor. Back and shoulders firmly pressed to the floor. On the exhale, raise the head as high as possible and stretch the chin forward. At the point is still to get a lock for 10-15 seconds, then return to the starting position.

    • Exercise in a chair

    To sit on a chair. Shoulders back, hands relaxed hanging down. Gently tip the head back on the exhale. Chin to reach for the chest, thereby producing a reaction. The fitness element not only strengthens the muscles of the neck, but also helps to eliminate the so-called double chin.

    In the end fitness workout pay attention to the quality of relaxation of the muscular fibres of the neck. Gently stretch the top up, several times, slowly lower chin to chest, gently massage the neck area light, rubbing movements.

    Useful tips for successful fitness training

    To the training was absolutely safe and bring only benefit the body, should heed the advice of experienced experts in the fitness industry:

  • Never forget about warm-up exercise unit, and always perform at a slow pace.
  • Pay special attention to the work of the resistance, as it is extremely effective for strengthening the muscles of the neck.
  • After each training set, it is desirable to perform some stretching exercises of the muscle fibers of the neck.
  • To observe the execution of the elements.
  • Use minimum working weights.
  • Avoid working to failure.
  • Following the above recommendations and regularly perform the training exercises will allow you to strengthen your neck, improve posture, get rid of the spasms and pain. Strong neck strong muscles will prevent many health problems.

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