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How to stop eating at night?

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Food at night is not good is discomfort in the abdomen, problems with digestion, excess weight and constant remorse. It’s time to stop eating at night.

Not a man who never ate at night. Rare night snacking will not bring anything bad, but when it enters the system POPs up a number of unpleasant consequences. Digestive problems are reflected in the discomfort in the abdomen and rashes on the skin appear extra pounds, and with them remorse for food at night. The habit of eating at night causes night hunger, result in the need to eat or trying to sleep on an empty stomach. There are several ways to get rid of this habit.

To understand the reason

Understand why you eat at night, and then you will be easier to stop doing it. Maybe you’re bored or you have too little to eat in the daytime, your food is unhealthy and does not give you sufficient nutrients. Each situation has its own solution – if you eat from boredom, find something if motivated by emotion, find a way to distract yourself.

To learn your triggers

As a rule, in the role of night eating triggers are emotions. Try to determine what emotions make you go to the fridge, you’re probably upset, tense or frustrated.

You might be able to calculate the relationship between a specific emotion and a thirst for certain products.
Drink plenty of water

Water fills the stomach and prevents hunger not only during the day and night. Often people confuse hunger and thirst, eating at night, although in reality the body needs water. Drink a lot of water at night is not the most sensible solution, therefore, we must actively drink water during the day.

Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals can be forced or voluntary. People forget to eat, spun in the thing at work, and consciously ignore the meals in order to lose weight. Regardless of the reasons skipping meals changes the hormonal balance and triggers the pending hunger. This cravings strike in the evening and at night, it becomes the cause of night eating.

A hearty Breakfast

People with the habit of eating at night, do not want Breakfast for the night of their digestive tract does not have time to purify themselves and relax. Starting the day with a Cup of coffee instead of Breakfast, you start the mechanism of delayed fasting, he works at night. Introduction in the diet of a nutritious Breakfast will help to break the vicious cycle and stop overeating at night.

Evening classes

Employment in the evening solves several problems – relieves boredom, anxiety and negative thoughts. If you have a hobby, then move it to the evening time, my favorite hobby will distract from food.

More sleep

This solution is obvious – not eating at night, you need to go to bed early. Enough sleep will help the body to adjust the balance between the hormones of hunger and satiety. The hormone that makes us well-fed, produced in a dream, for this reason, the sleepless nights lead to excess weight.

The ban on alcohol in the evenings

Everyone can drink a little alcohol on the weekends, but the systematic use of alcohol in the evening becomes a cause of overeating at night. An experiment and give up alcohol in the evening, at least for a week, you will be surprised to notice that the night hunger for you no longer attends.

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