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How to stimulate muscle current, and whether it suits everyone

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How to get a body relief and do nothing at the same time? This is a question that excites thousands of people around the world who do not enjoy sports. There are many of them, and it is they who often suffer from eating disorders, trying to eat less, if only they did not have to engage in hateful exercises for the sake of losing kilograms. The solution may be a method in which muscles are stimulated by current. About what is the essence of electrical stimulation, is it possible to use it without harm to health, and who better to abandon this method will be discussed in the article.

How does the current affect the muscles

The contraction of elastic tissues in the body occurs due to internal chemical-biological impulses between the nerve endings, but the principle of their influence is similar to mini-strokes of electricity.

When using myostimulation (the second name of the described procedure), a similar effect is created, but the conductor apparatus is the causative agent. The most popular muscle stimulants include:

Stimulus 1;
Tone 1;

Outwardly they represent the main unit from which the wires with electrodes go. For home use, small devices are produced in the form of sleeves, “butterflies”, and belts. Their power is several times lower than the above devices.

electrical stimulation in sports

The principle of operation is the same for all devices – the current is passed through the tissues of the body, causing the muscles to contract and relax. Of course, the impact has limitations on a number of characteristics:

pulse activity time from 0.5 ms to 300 ms;
current strength up to 100mA, and when applying electrical stimulation for the face – no more than 5mA;
frequency from 10 Hz to 150 Hz.

This allows you to have a safe effect on the human body. Muscles contract as if physical exercises were performed. In this case, their entire structure is involved: smooth and striated fibers. Therefore, the muscles work at 100% and do not remain in a clamped state after the procedure, since there is a complete relaxation of the tissues.

home stimulant

Where is electrical stimulation applied?

Exposure to current on muscles has a versatile effect. The first and most obvious is toning the muscles. Besides:

local metabolism in tissues is accelerated;
blood flow improves;
more active lymph.

What is most important and positive for athletes is the development of deep muscles, which are difficult to stimulate during sports, for example, the internal muscles of the hips.

In medicine, the method of exposure to electricity is of utmost importance. These are resuscitation procedures, cardiac surgery, and diagnosis of neurological diseases. In diseases of the back associated with impaired posture, this method of restoring the muscles of the core is prescribed. The effect of current on tissues is used in gynecology in situations where the uterus after childbirth is not able to independently return to normal sizes.

Stimulating muscles with electricity is one of the main types of physiotherapy. With its help, the sensitivity of the lumbar spine is returned, which allows patients who have suffered an injury to again feel the body below the back and learn to walk again.

In the process of rehabilitation of athletes, myostimulation has become a way:

return muscle tone;
prevent osteoarthritis;
strengthen the muscles of the core after a long break in training;
restore full bending and extension of the knees, feet, hands, elbow.

The latter is popular in preparing for operations on the joints and after them.

Modern cosmetology did not stand aside: electrical stimulation of the muscles is used to tighten the face, neck and chest, improve the drainage properties of tissues, and fight cellulite.

Methodology for myostimulation

A procedure in a medical institution or sports center is preceded by an examination to find out the location of spastic muscles and to check if there are fibrotic changes in tissue structures.

Immediately before myostimulation, the skin of the zone to be worked out is cleansed of sweat secretions. If this person, then you will have to remove makeup. Next, a gel is applied and the electrodes are fixed.

The duration of the procedure is usually about 40 minutes, while there should be no strong pain or other discomfort. The duration of physiotherapy with current depends on the condition of the person, often prescribed from 15 to 30 sessions.


Home electrical stimulator

Devices for personal use have low amperage and operate on batteries or accumulators. They are not able to have a therapeutic effect. However, their functions include:

reduction of pain with muscle spasm;
bringing in tone;
increased blood circulation.

In the second and third stages of obesity, home muscle stimulants are powerless, because their impulse is not able to pass through the body fat.

myostimulation at home

Indications for the use of muscle stimulation by current

Most people tend to resort to the described procedure in order to get rid of extra pounds. However, this is not a task of myostimulation. It is aimed at returning the muscles to tone, and losing weight is possible as a result, but the effect will be minimal, because the body does not experience the same general load as during sports: the respiratory system is not activated, the blood does not oxidize, and does not feel the impact of the tendon.

Indeed, electrical stimulation is prescribed in the following situations:

as a remedy for pressure sores;
for athletes during recovery from injuries or preparing for competitions;
poor blood circulation, including cerebral;
Cerebral palsy;
muscle atrophy / malnutrition;
severe pain and muscle cramps;
sagging skin.


Exposure to current on the body does not have a healing effect for everyone. Some need to refrain even from home models of electrical stimulants. The grounds for refusing the procedure will be:

epileptic seizures;
the presence of abscesses or sepsis in the body;
pulmonary tuberculosis;
skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, lichen), common in areas of electrode attachment;
nonunion fractures;
any diseases or pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, including thrombophlebitis;
implanted electrical stimulants;
malignant and benign tumors.

In diseases of the kidneys and bladder (stones, inflammation, failure, tuberculosis), exposure to the lower back and abdomen is prohibited, but arms and legs can undergo myostimulation.

Injuries to nerves, tendons and muscles are not a direct contraindication to the use of electrical stimulation. However, you can start the course of procedures no earlier than a month after tissue damage. If the bones were injured at the same time, a complete fusion of the fracture would have to be expected.

Muscle electrical stimulation will not significantly reduce body weight. Its effect is aimed at returning muscle tone, working out hard-to-reach muscles, nutrition and skin renewal. In home use, this is a good way to relax the body after a workout and not lose shape when there is no way to visit the gym.


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