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How to stay in shape after 40 years?

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After 40 years, you can save the perfect body and make age changes invisible. If you want to stay active and to stay in shape after 40 years, follow these tips.

The overcoming of forty-year age limit is not a reason to resist the aging process and to recognize that your body will not be the same as before. If you pay attention to athletes, it becomes obvious that their form is not getting worse after 40 years. Follow these tips if you want to stay active and keep your body in good shape.

Dosiroe load

Physical activity and active recreation should not lead to chronic fatigue. No need to overpower, rather trying to achieve a result, the sport must keep the body in shape, but not exhaust it.

Grab recovery

Especially this point refers to those who work with weight. Strength training should be combined with such methods of recovery, like yoga, cold baths, use of the fitness videos. Proper recovery after strength training increases the range of motion after work, resulting in limits that lead to injury.

Series intensity

It is important to maintain a balance in the intensity of training, for example 20% loads of high intensity and 80% loads moderate intensity. If the schedule is planned lightweight restorative training, it is not necessary to increase the load, even if you feel full of energy.

Provides muscle nutrition

In order to maintain muscle mass, you need to provide your muscles with sufficient energy. If you’ve gained muscle mass, so you have an idea about proper nutrition, eat a lot of protein, whole grains, vegetables and fruits, do not abuse sugars and processed foods. After 40 years requires more protein to maintain muscle, adding protein to any meal lowers the glycemic index of other foods.

For increasing stamina and extra support muscles can use creatine supplementation.
Develop balance

Exercises to balance and develop fine muscle groups that are not often worked out on the basic training. Focusing on small muscles and muscle groups, develop strength of body and protects it from potential injury.

Do not run through pain

Often mistakes made when running, appear only after forty years. People for many years running in the wrong shoes, do not control how they land on the toes or heels, don’t own running technique, but face challenges in the form of pain only after 40 years. If you feel that running started to bring not pleasure, but discomfort or even pain, then you need to think about their health and take a few sessions with a running coach, so he pointed out mistakes and helped to fix them.

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