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How to save time at the gym without losing its effectiveness

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How to save time at the gym without losing its effectiveness
The contents

  • Separate fitness classes and meeting friends
  • Make a set of exercises on all days of the week
  • Reduce the time between exercise
  • Use the super series
  • Try circuit training
  • Select high-intensity program
  • Eliminate unnecessary exercises
  • Don’t come to the gym during rush hour
  • Spend vacation with advantage

There is a feeling that you have too much time to spend on fitness training? If you go to the gym almost every day and spend there several hours, and the result is no better than the rest — it is preparing that time for the most part wasted. Learn how to reduce the time of exercise without compromising quality.

There are several reasons to think about reducing training duration:

  • Classes lasting longer than 1 hour provoke the production of the hormone cortisol, inhibiting muscle growth. If you don’t want to move to progress in small steps, reduce time fitness up to 40-50 minutes a day.
  • Long workouts are exhausting not only physically but also mentally. No matter how you want to lose weight or build muscle, the enthusiasm will quickly disappear if not give yourself the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. Limit the classroom and dedicate a vacant hour or two that you’re comfortable kind of rest.
  • Fitness should not limit personal life or Hobbies. If you do not have time to meet friends, soulmate, read your favorite book or studying, you will soon hate the sport and will do it by force.
  • Make this daily routine, which will be enough time to physical exercise, and proper rest — then you will become to enjoy all that you do. And to reduce the time of physical activity will help the following practical advice.

    Separate fitness classes and meeting friends

    In the gym you are either actively start conversations to share their impressions of viewed the movie, read the book, or the latest news or you are an active listener.

    If you belong to such characters, it is necessary to take itself in hands and to share physical activity and a good time. The first time can be tricky, but then you get used to it and will be surprised that the training duration was reduced by itself without any extra effort.

    If you, on the contrary, not very talkative, but I don’t know how to stop your sociable neighbor — just come to the gym with headphones. This will make it clear to others that talk to you are going. Moreover, dynamic music, chosen in advance, will set you in a working mood and exercise will be more fun.

    Make a set of exercises on all days of the week

    If you come to the gym and only there you begin to remember what muscle group worked last time, and what last week, involuntarily losing a lot of time. Besides, you will never achieve the desired results without a clear systematization of the training.

    Make a plan for each day of visit the fitness room, and all actions to work on certain muscle groups shall describe in your exercise program. Now, coming to the training, you will know in advance what you’ll be doing today.

    Reduce the time between exercise

    Did you know that to restore breathing and cleansing the muscles of lactic acid is sufficient to only one and a half minutes? So don’t waste too much time in between approaches. Take a couple minutes and keep doing repetitions. This rate will not only be faster to finish the training, but also more effective to burn the fat reserves of the body.

    Use the super series

    So that the muscles get the maximum load for a short period of time, use supersets (super series). Its essence is that in one approach to combine 2 exercises and reduce the rest in between to 20 seconds.

    This exercise allows you to simultaneously build muscle and break down fat mass. That superset was the most effective, pick one approach this, the antagonist muscles — those that perform opposite functions, but are close. For example, biceps and triceps, biceps and quadriceps femoris.

    Drop set is another system, which will reduce the physical load and get the maximum benefit from training. Perform approaches with an operating weight up to its possible limit, then decrease the weight by 20-30% and again train in an intense pace. It helps to use fresh muscle fibers, which previously did not take on the load.

    Try circuit training

    The scheme is suitable for those who want to lose weight and improve endurance. It allows you to use all the muscles of the body and burn 30% more calories than when performing standard approaches.

    Select a set of exercises from 4 to 7 elements and do them in a circle with breaks in between no more than 30 seconds. Between rounds rest for 2-5 minutes. Evenly combine weights and cardio activity.

    Select high-intensity program

    High-intensity program — another effective way to quickly burn fat. The idea is to alternate between a slow pace with a fast. The muscles need to work to the limit and in that and in other case.

    20 minutes vysokointensivnykh workouts can burn as many calories as is usually burned in an hour workout at a continuous pace. This approach is used in most modern sports programs.

    Eliminate unnecessary exercises

    Carefully examine your exercises: it does not work if several times the same muscle groups? Because of this, you can lose up to 1/3 of their training time. Not too lazy to study the structure of the body and muscle tissues, as well as the physics of their movements to look at fitness from a professional point of view and to avoid such mistakes.

    Don’t come to the gym during rush hour

    If you have the opportunity, come to the hall in the morning or later in the evening, when the attendance is minimal. It helps not to be distracted by other athletes and not to waste time in the queue for the right trainer or barbell. As a fallback — prepare in advance alternative exercises, not to languish in useless waiting.

    Spend vacation with advantage

    During the break don’t just sit there. Do simple stretching exercises, take a jump rope or perform squats. This will help to burn extra calories and stretch your idle muscle exercise.

    Try the suggested methods into practice and you will see how much time was freed for other important business.

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