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How to safely exercise in the cold?

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The autumn-winter period is not an excuse to skip workouts. If you know how to prepare for the cold, the workout will be safe and you won’t lose motivation for fitness.

The cold weather is not a reason to hibernate and throw the gym until spring. In the autumn-winter period it is possible to continue training on the street – to run, to bike, to ski, to engage in on the Playground. If you know how to prepare for the cold weather, the exercise will remain safe, and you don’t lose your motivation to fitness. Listen to these tips and then in the spring you’ll be in excellent shape.

Ask your doctor if you can train in the cold

For most people the advantages of training on the street outweigh the risks associated with cold. In compliance with all safety conditions, these risks are minimized. However, in some States to train in the cold is not desirable, this asthma, the passage of immunosuppressive therapy or chemotherapy, as well as other circumstances.

After permission from the doctor you can safely plan a workout in the fresh air.
Check the weather before going

It’s time to add in bookmarks of reliable service with the weather and to acquire the habit of looking at the thermometer outside the window. At temperatures below minus fifteen degrees, the risk of frostbite increases dramatically, so it would be wise to postpone the training in the room. The body’s subjective, so for reliability you need to see the exact temperature outside.

Dress layers

During exercise the body releases a lot of heat, perspiration increases, the risk of hypothermia increases. To protect from hypothermia you need to wear several layers of clothing. For the intense cold of the upper part of the garment must consist of three layers, they will conserve heat and to maintain a healthy body temperature.

Remember the signs of hypothermia

If you feel a light fever, tingling in the extremities or numbness, it’s time to get back into a warm room. With such a symptom of hypothermia begins, which can escalate into real frostbite.

Protect your limbs

Tingling and numbness begins from the extremities to save heat, the body directs blood flow to the internal organs, the extremities get less blood, they start to freeze. If you’re planning to train in the cold, we must care the hands, feet and ears, they freeze first. Good hat, warm gloves and thick socks will help to keep warm.

Not peresushivaya your body

Cold air has the property of drying, in winter, the body is dehydrated stronger than in summer, but people do not notice. In the winter water bottle is as necessary as in summer, in the intense cold it is better to replace a thermos of warm tea.

Let me know your itinerary to a friend

Even with all the security measures winter training will be more dangerous than the summer. Based on this, it would be wise to report your itinerary to a friend or relatives, and it would be better to train together. Friendly support is what will make to get out from under the warm blankets and go to the gym.

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