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How to run in winter: tips to boost immunity

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How to run in winter: tips to boost immunity
The contents

  • Use for immunity
  • Use for health and beauty
  • How much exercise to choose
  • Rules for winter running
  • Is it possible to run in the winter with a cold or cough

With the advent of cold weather, many of us stop to run outdoors and go to the gym on the treadmills. And do it in vain. Subzero temperatures and snow is not a reason to abandon the usual physical exertion. It is in the cold season it is best strengthens the immune system, hardens the body and increases resistance to viruses and bacteria.

Use for immunity

Jogging in the frosty air do not cause symptoms of runny nose, severe cough and other bacterial and viral diseases of the respiratory tract. On the contrary, during inhalation of cold air throat hardened, actively develops the local form of immunity. In the period of the surge in viral diseases organism is more resistant to their effects.

If you do not stop your Jogging in the winter time, the body will stay longer in good shape. This will contribute to the active operation of the safety system. When everyone else is coughing, to treat runny nose and to lie down with temperature, you will feel as good as always.

Use for health and beauty

As you know, the low temperature helps to preserve youth and beauty: fresh frosty air has a beneficial effect on the skin. While Jogging the body is saturated with pure oxygen, why aktiviziruyutsya not only immunity but also cell renewal. Therefore, regular Jogging also have a rejuvenating effect.

Have noticed that in the winter time steadily gaining a few pounds overweight? This can be avoided if you regularly run outdoors. Exercise will help all year round to stay in good shape, to preserve the beauty and health.

How much exercise to choose

In winter due to heavy snow and slow down metabolic processes to run somewhat more complicated than in the summer. Therefore, the pace of training needs to be more moderate. Reduce the distance by 15-20% than what you usually do in the summer. Choose smooth tracks without sharp UPS and downs.

Don’t run too fast. First, the winter is unsafe, and secondly, you can be tired ahead of time. Choose a quiet pace, slightly lower and increase it during training. This will be enough for your beauty and health remained at the same comfortable level for you.

Rules for winter running

To strengthen the immune system and also protect themselves from injuries and hypothermia, follow these tips.

  • Buy quality shoes.

To run in the winter was comfortable and warm, you need the correct running shoes. Sole they should be made of quality material that will not freeze and will not crack in the cold. Do not forget that the chosen model should be a reliable function of depreciation.

For Jogging in the winter, buy shoes 1-1. 5 size larger than normal if necessary to put on a tighter sock. Running in these sneakers, you are guaranteed not to freeze.

  • Do not be distracted.

During winter runs, you are exposing yourself to traumatic situations. Therefore, on the running track do not be distracted by others or other thoughts. Follow the road and focus on your breathing.

Avoid while Jogging places with black ice, roadways or Parking areas. Cars pollute the air you breath, and can come from unknown directions and failing to brake on a slippery surface.

  • Don’t forget to warm up.

This applies both in summer and winter. But in the cold it is even more important, because the body is a little slow and requires a good shake before training.

In the cold season warm up at home. Choose simple stretching exercises of all muscle groups. Do not exercise too intensely to sweat before going out on the street.

  • Get dressed properly.

In winter for Jogging need to get dressed so that it wasn’t too hot or too cold. Thick clothing will hamper movement, and the light does not get warm. Will help in this situation several layers of different clothes.

First, you need to wear thermal underwear, then padded sweatshirt and pants. From top to wear a jacket that protects from moisture and cold air. Don’t forget hat, scarf and gloves. The skin of the face and hands will protect from frostbite fat cream.

  • Breathe through your nose.

This rule fails to comply with is not all. Intense physical load on the body does not control the process of breathing and you will immediately begin to draw air through the mouth. Try not to do it, or at least alternate the breath through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Otherwise you risk catching a chill light. If you feel that it’s hard to breathe — just reduce the pace or stop to get in a comfortable rhythm of breathing.

  • Enjoy after a workout.

Finish a run near his home to her after you were able to warm the body with hot Cup of tea or taking a bath. If this is not done, the whole day you will feel the chill and can get sick from hypothermia.

  • Hide the earphones.

This rule applies not only Jogging, but walking outside in the winter time. The fact that the rubber nozzle on the vacuum headphones from freezing temperatures become solid and cold. It can cause otitis media and other problems with hearing. Get headphones if you don’t want to give up listening to music during workouts.

  • Don’t run in the bitter cold.

Don’t go for a run if the temperature dropped below 16 to 20 degrees. Also refrain from sports, but a raging Blizzard or a heavy snow. In such weather it is better to study at home or at the gym in the gym.

Is it possible to run in the winter with a cold or cough

Many people wonder whether to make a break in training during illness. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you have a tickle in the throat or a common cold, refrain from training until the disappearance of these symptoms. To force the body to work through the power of harmful to health and immunity.

Running during the disease will lead to complications and you have to spend a lot more time to recover. To do week break to the body overcame the virus and began to function normally.

By following these recommendations, you’ll retire to look good and feel fresh all winter. And your health and beauty will remain even in the cold season.

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