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How to resist craving for food?

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Craving for a particular food is not always due to taste preferences, often dictated by her emotions. In order not to suffer from insatiable cravings, use these clever tips.

Each of us from time to time suffer from cravings for certain foods, some of us become victims of the situation. Craving for food has never expressed a desire to chew on celery or eat one whole wheat bread. Uncontrollable cravings for fatty, fried or sweet results in overweight, followed by obesity comes. The desire to eat a certain product is not always due to taste preferences, often it occurs on an emotional basis. Use these tips to overcome food cravings.

Create a distraction

Experts in nutrition claim that the craving for food continues for ten minutes, then it subsides. If you can do something to distract yourself in these ten minutes, the desire to eat sweets or French fries evaporate. In such moments you can call a friend, read a few pages of a book, listen to music, play with kids or dog. Whatever you do, the main thing that you’re distracted, take advantage of the fact that craving for food will soon subside by itself.

Eat foods with different taste

Overcome your cravings by eating foods with a different flavour. If you want something sweet drink a glass of kefir, do you want fried eat nuts. The contrasting taste will lubricate the palate, the desire for something specific evaporate.

Very often the craving for food goes away after a Cup of tea or glass of water.
Don’t push yourself

If desired will be at arm’s length, the temptation to get it will be significantly higher. Knowing that in the evening you want sweet, it would be very stupid to store sweets in the refrigerator. To walk to the store much longer and more difficult than opening a fridge. Even if you start to get together, probably spend on fees more than ten minutes, during this time, the craving will be gone.

Don’t starve yourself

Studies have shown that food craving is common among people who used to be with empty stomach for a long time. Make useful little snacks and consume them every few hours. It is also good for metabolism and to protect against outbreaks of famine.

Sometimes give in

One of the measures of confrontation craving for food is controlled to yield. If the desire is so strong that all methods did not help to get rid of him, let yourself to eat a microscopic piece of what I would like. Don’t use this method as a justification, this is an extreme measure. Allow yourself to taste the desired product, and you will immediately become easier.

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