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How to recover in a dream?

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The most important element of recovery after exercise will not require you any effort, it’s a dream. What should be the night that after it you were ready to train again?

Recovery is the rest and the most useful the rest is a dream. Your body is capable of self-restoration after a workout in a dream, but he needs to help. Quality sleep is important not only for those who are involved in sports, is the guarantee of health for any person. For athletes a good night’s sleep is doubly important, without it any exercise can cause injury, and the effectiveness of proper nutrition will be almost imperceptible. After a quality night’s sleep, you’re ready to transfer the physical load of training, after a sleepless night, you won’t be able to train at all.

Why is sleep so important?

Lack of sleep increases the likelihood of developing diseases of the heart, kidneys, endocrine system, if you to burden yourself with the sport, then the risk will be even higher. Chronic sleep deprivation leads to increased blood pressure, exercise in this condition is dangerous for life. Without adequate sleep you will not be able to perform their daily duties efficiently and safely, and the sport is a high risk area.

How to make your dream complete?

There are many things you can do to improve the quality of sleep, and the first of them is not to train at a later time. After activity the body will not be able to quickly adjust to the surroundings, you will bring down the sleep mode. Also in the evening not recommended to sit in front of the monitor, to watch TV, the screen of the smartphone or any other device. Such electronics emit blue light that does not prepare for sleep.

The important role played by the arrangement of bed, need to sleep in a dark room, so it does not pass the light from the street lights. The bedroom should not be too hot, extremely unlikely that the temperature exceeded 20 degrees.

To relax and prepare for the sturdy restorative sleep will help warm bath with magnesium salts. This element has the property of relaxing the muscles, and in combination with warm water the effect will be amplified. Your body temperature in warm bath rises slightly, magnesium salts relax the muscles, after the procedure you very quickly fall asleep.

Every night sleep should be the highest priority activities, especially if that day was a workout, and the body needs time to recover.

Make sure your sleep is not interfered with, your attitude to sleep depends on how you Wake up in the morning – cheerful and ready for sport or painful and powerless. Enough sleep will allow you to train without the risk of damage, for security purposes, night sleep should last at least seven hours. The higher physical activity, goals in sports and fitness, the more a person needs sleep to recover.

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