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How to recover after intensive fitness training?

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How to recover after intensive fitness training?
The contents

  • The need to restore after an intense fitness
  • Warming the muscles is an important component of fitness workouts
  • The use of baths and saunas
  • Proper nutrition
  • Good sleep — the key to a quality vacation
  • Useful additives

If you punctually visit the gym, you probably know that after the grueling workouts you want to quickly and efficiently recover energy resources, which spent the body. Relaxation, relaxation, sleep — a very important components of all physical activity, including cardio and strength training, and intensive and lightweight options of fitness. How well will recover the energy resources of the body depends not only on the performance of subsequent exercises. The quality of the rest depends on performance and General physical activity.

However, many athletes, especially beginners, make a serious mistake, ignoring the rest as in the mode of fitness training and in everyday life. Someone reduces sleep time, and someone stops to monitor the quality of food, considering that during the training, you still need to burn all the excess calories. This approach is fundamentally incorrect. Therefore, if the athlete set a goal to achieve truly effective results, you will need to consider many important aspects. They will help you to relax, recover, and subsequently to receive the desired result from the gym.

The need to restore after an intense fitness

Relaxation plays a leading role in the regeneration of soft tissues, including muscle. Any form of exercise enters the body at a certain stress, because during training the physiological origin of the stretching of the muscles with the formation of muscle microdamage. For effective recovery of tissue requires at least 1.5-2 days of rest. If the muscles do not give to relax and again to load their exercises, that may result in injuries or training stagnation — the so-called plateau effect. It is therefore important that during the training fiznagruzki acted on different muscle groups and not on the same from time to time.

You should also know that the more damaged the muscles and the heavy load they carried, the longer must be the recovery time. Moreover, a good rest helps to completely withdraw from the body decay products, which are inevitably formed during intense fitness.

Warming the muscles is an important component of fitness workouts

Stretching exercises are a necessary component of any sports training. It happens that due to bad stretching the athlete is unable to significantly increase muscle mass and to achieve visible results. All because the person regularly performing stretching exercises, easy to all movements (squats, lunges) than the athlete who doesn’t spend time stretching.

Exercises for stretching performed after major physical activity, to effectively increase blood flow and lymph flow in the tissues. Due to this property the muscles decreases the amount of lactic acid that causes soreness after a workout. Even 20 minutes of stretching before and after a basic training, enough to reduce fatigue and relieve muscle pain.

The use of baths and saunas

In today’s world, more and more gyms offer as additional services visit restorative baths or saunas. And bath, and a sauna and quality contribute to the rapid relaxation, relieve muscle aches and tone for a healthy long sleep. Just 30 minutes of sauna enough to properly recover after a series of physical exercises. But do not forget that after visiting the steam room you need to hydrate and drink at least 2 glasses of water or herbal tea.

Proper nutrition

Usually in the process of sports training there is a rapid expenditure of energy reserves, water and minerals. For this reason, it is important to establish good nutrition and to include in your regular menu foods that are rich in potassium: potatoes, dried apricots, nuts, bananas, raisins. Daily diet should also include foodstuffs rich in protein (protein), fiber and slow carbs. Banned is a strong alcohol, smoked foods, fast food and foods saturated with fast carbs and sugars.

Good sleep — the key to a quality vacation

The lack of a full night’s rest not only leads to reduced quality of training, but causes the following symptoms: sleep disorders, depressive and anxiety disorders, acute mental illness, chronic fatigue, drowsiness. During sleep the body produces a special growth hormone in combination with protein, this hormone gives the body a great recovery and feeling of vitality. Quality for a long period of sleep allows the brain to focus during complex multi-component exercises. For healthy sleep need to sleep 7-8 hours a day. If the training (especially power) was high-intensity, night time should be increased to 9-10 hours.

Useful additives

After physical activity the athlete’s body especially needs protein. Girls after fitness training is recommended to drink per day approximately 1-1. 5 g of protein per kilogram of body weight, males — about 1.5-2 g, with the same calculation.

The easiest way to saturate the body with protein can be called the consumption of sports protein powders. From the powder mixture prepared protein shakes that are as convenient to carry or mix right after fitness. The composition of such protein mixtures was developed based on the requirements of sportsmen for instant replenishment of protein.

There is a huge variety of protein powder. Experts recommend to buy the mixture, which, in addition to the protein itself, includes additional components:

  • different amino acids;
  • L-carnitine,
  • linoleic acid;
  • fiber;
  • vitamins and minerals.

To the body quickly and efficiently recovered after active gym, follow the above recommendations. Only quality rest and a healthy diet will allow you to adjust performance, relieve discomfort in muscles and joints, and helps to achieve excellent athletic performance.

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