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How to quit smoking and not get better?

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In the modern world, the number of adherents of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and sports is increasing daily, and smoking, like all other bad habits, remains a personal choice for each person. Many are afraid to gain extra pounds and lose a slender waist when giving up cigarettes, and therefore do not give up the habit. Is there a way to quit smoking and not get better? Can getting rid of nicotine addiction really spoil the figure so much?

Tobacco ingredients

The composition of cigarettes includes a variety of compounds: carbon monoxide, resins, salts of heavy metals, sorbitol, flavorings and much more. The most important component that affects the human body is nicotine. By its nature, it is an alkaloid and is found in some vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant), which are constantly present in the diet of people. Today, research centers are engaged in a thorough study of this substance, and provide a lot of data on its ambiguous effect on human health. Nicotine causes serious drug addiction, uncontrolled cravings and causes a lot of harm.


Smoking and fullness

Why get better when they quit smoking? Tobacco reduces weight gain, and one pack of cigarettes contributes to the passive burning of about 200 kcal per day. But this rule does not apply to everyone. According to statistics, people who smoke from 6 to 10 pieces a day really look slimmer than those who smoke akin to a steam locomotive.

High tobacco dependence stimulates the deposition of extra pounds. Heavy smokers can not do without a nicotine dose for a little more than an hour, and the lack of the possibility of receiving it is perceived by the brain as a terrible stress. The intensified search for a drug substitution begins. As a rule, the alternative choice is food and extra calories.

Smokers suffer from severe shortness of breath and exercise in the gym with constant breaks. For an effective fight against body fat, such breaks are categorically unacceptable, since the intensity of exercises and load are of paramount importance when achieving a result and pumping muscles.

shortness of breath in sports

The effect of nicotine on the body

Nicotine accelerates metabolism through the production of adrenaline, due to which organs and tissues experience starvation and an increased need for food. Such a deficiency causes increased splitting and processing of micronutrients that come with food. They do not have time to be absorbed and turn into unnecessary calories.

Over time, the body breaks down protein and mineral metabolism, and the ability to properly absorb the necessary nutrients is almost completely lost. As a result, useful elements along with slags are deposited in the form of a lifebuoy at the waist.

Smoking makes us fun and stimulates the production of hormones of happiness. The brain is in a cheerful state due to the increased level of dopamine. Therefore, when weaning from tobacco, some caution should be exercised. You can not break into high-calorie desserts in large quantities, trying to drown out feelings of depression, nervousness and anxiety. In smokers, a cigarette symbolizes the calmness of the nervous system, and those who quit should counter stress only with willpower and sport.

Absorbed into the blood, nicotine dulls the feeling of hunger and deceives the liver. A number of biochemical processes are launched, as a result of which the incorrect breakdown of glucogon (hormone) leads to an excess of glucose and a feeling of satiety. Sadly affect our harmony and timeouts at work. A cigarette replaces snacks and the use of high-calorie crackers, chips, bars and other attractive hazards. Yes, it is during such breaks that smokers have something to take their free time, and non-smokers get fat from cookies.

The difficulty of refusing addiction is associated with the fact that nicotine gives a feeling of vigor, positiveness and well-being, although this is absolutely contrary to reality. Tobacco is perceived by organs as poison, and our protective systems activate all available processes for the removal of toxic toxins. Such a reaction requires significant energy costs, the source of which are calories. Thanks to this, the weight is maintained at the same level for a long time. However, we can say that such harmony is akin to a sick thinness.

harm nicotine

Smokers Disease

Nicotine addiction has a devastating effect on our health and is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. The desire to have a beautiful figure does not justify the harm that smoking causes to the body. Premature wrinkles, dull hair, brittle nails, dry pale skin and yellow teeth are unlikely to look attractive.

Cigarette resins cause gum inflammation and bad breath, leave brown stains on tooth enamel, disrupt its matrix structure and lead to cracking. Excessive salivation stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid, damage to the walls of the stomach and the development of ulcers.

Life with a cigarette is reduced by about 14 years, and the risk of getting a premature heart attack or stroke is doubled. The harmful components of tobacco affect the inner wall of blood vessels (endothelium). In some areas, it becomes thinner and brittle; in others, edema and thickening appear. It is in the places of such seals that atherosclerotic plaques are formed that clog the lumen of the arteries. The supply of oxygen to the tissues is difficult, and the brain, heart, kidneys and other important organs suffer from chronic hypoxia.

One cigarette can cause an increase in blood pressure by almost 30 units. These factors lead to visual impairment, decreased attention and concentration, the appearance of vascular diseases, coronary heart disease, tachycardia, arterial hypertension and premature death.

Smokers, as a rule, are prone to rapid blood clotting, increased blood clots and suffer from excessive cholesterol.

Someone is trying to protect themselves from impending ailments and is switching to “light” and “ultra light” cigarettes with a low content of toxic compounds. This is nothing more than an ethereal fantasy. There are no harmless tobacco products. Reducing portions of nicotine in any case forms a fairly stable cravings and can lead to an increase in smoke breaks, as well as increase the frequency and depth of puffs.

Tobacco smoking provokes problems in the endocrine system, adversely affects reproductive function and potency, causes 15 types of cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, respiratory failure, angina pectoris and many other diseases that can only be avoided by completely abandoning this destructive habit.

Good appetite and weight

Can I get better if I quit smoking? Unfortunately, yes, but it’s not so scary compared to the damage that tobacco toxins do to their health. According to statistics, people who refused cigarettes gradually gain about five kilograms per year. This is due to several aspects.

First of all, the fat-burning effect of adrenaline gives way to the proper absorption of food and the normalization of metabolism. Enhanced glucose glucose breakdown ceases, blood glucose levels decrease, and natural hunger returns.

Nicotine deficiency is felt very quickly and reaches its climax on the third day. A person has signs of withdrawal: irritability, anger, anxiety, headache, loss of attention, confusion, insomnia, fatigue, depression, dry throat, cough, constipation, flatulence, craving for smoking, and more. All this adversely affects the psycho-emotional background and provokes stress, which the former smoker successfully seizes up with delicious dishes and sweets.

The main reason for weight gain in tobacco cessation can be called a growing appetite. To counter nicotine withdrawal, people eat more, and former smoke breaks are successfully replaced by snacks. The taste buds are restored and former smokers feel the real taste of food. The body, accustomed to passive burning of calories while smoking, simply accumulates and stores them in problem areas for a rainy day.

high appetite

Change in habitual lifestyle

Quitting smoking should be approached wisely. In order not to get fat, the diet needs to be changed in a few weeks. Weight will decrease over time and will return to normal, however, the diet should not be neglected. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

Sour milk products, fiber, spinach, sorrel, celery, oatmeal, prunes, zucchini, cucumbers, citrus fruits and apples will help to quickly restore health. And chocolate, bars, chips and cookies can be replaced with dried fruits, seeds or chewing gum.

The first day of the ban should be strictly planned. The whole next week is better to fill a busy schedule to keep yourself busy and distract from nicotine withdrawal. The dose of tobacco should not be reduced sharply, but gradually, gradually moving from 10 to 8, from 8 to 6 cigarettes smoked and so on.

Quitting smoking and not getting better for women is especially important. Do not expose the body to even more stress and combine the onset of getting rid of drug addiction with the menstrual cycle, otherwise the excretion of water will decrease and weight will increase.

Try to avoid smoking companies and ask relatives to support you in a difficult struggle. Those who can not cope with cigarette cravings on their own should definitely consult a specialist and start taking special medications. Depression is best removed with music, yoga and fitness. And walking and sports training not only eliminate unnecessary calories, but also contribute to the production of endorphins and cheer up.

After refusing cigarettes, the state of blood vessels normalizes after three months, the lungs are cleaned within a year, and the body is fully restored only after 7 years. The body will eventually become accustomed to the lack of nicotine, and weight gain will cease. However, adhere to proper nutrition and an active lifestyle to maintain harmony will take quite a long time. How to quit smoking and not get better? The answer is obvious, you should educate yourself. And the reward will be long life and good health.


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