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How to quickly lose weight by 40 kg – the way Mila Gritsenko

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How to quickly lose weight by 40 kg in a short time and is it real? Depending on the specific case, the terms can vary from three months to six months. This event is considered hazardous to health, and therefore it must be taken seriously. Before you move to your goal, you should get tested and consult your doctor about the presence of contraindications for weight loss in emergency ways. If they are not identified, you can choose a program of physical exercises and prepare for drastic changes in the diet.

Changing lifestyle

Every day you should start with a run or a bike ride. aerobic exercise will trigger the mechanism of fat burning. Motor activity will bring tangible results if it lasts longer than 20 minutes. Do not interfere with a visit to the gym or dance class (two or three times a week). If the tight schedule does not allow to adhere to the training schedule, you can practice on your own, but every day for 30-45 minutes.

Selection of exercises can be performed independently, but if there is no sports experience, it is better to entrust it to an instructor in a fitness club. He will make a complex that corresponds to a specific build and level of physical fitness. It is worth paying attention to alternative exercise. For example, climb the stairs without the help of an elevator and walk instead of watching the evening gear. If the work is not far from home, you can reach it on foot. If you have to use public transport, you can go one or two stops earlier and take a walk.

When the body gets used to the new rhythm of life, the load should be increased to 5 workouts per week for one and a half hours. In order not to exhaust yourself with increased load, you need a properly formulated diet.

running up the stairs

Make up the diet

Motor activity will bring more benefits in combination with a low-calorie diet. To achieve this goal, flour and sweet should be replaced with oatmeal, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits, soda – with clean water. For breakfast you need to eat a portion of oatmeal with fruit slices or low-fat cottage cheese. Ideal lunch and dinner are boiled, stewed and baked dishes from any kind of cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, eggplants, zucchini, beets, mushrooms and spinach. Immediately before breakfast, lunch and dinner should drink a glass of clean water, which allows you to quickly get enough and not overeat. And as a snack between meals fit apples, pineapples and kiwi.

To dietary diet brought tangible benefits, you should calculate the amount of daily calorie intake. This indicator is individual for everyone, since it is directly related to the weight and characteristics of the body.

This indicator can be calculated using the Mifflin-San Geor formula: 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age (g) + 5 (for men) and 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age (g) – 161 (for women). Kalorazh is also calculated using an online calculator.

A diet aimed at rapid weight loss involves the presence of fasting days and taking special medications. Both that, and another should be carried out only after consultation with the attending physician.

Formula Mifflin-San Geora

Fractional feed

Meals should be served in small portions, and the number of meals should be 5-6 times a day. It may seem strange that to lose weight you need to eat more. But for this there is a medical justification.

Diet involves eating a minimum amount of calories, so hunger will appear faster than usual. And this is fraught with the temptation to eat a forbidden bun or chocolate. Plus, the body decides that hard times have come and begins to accumulate fat reserves.

Frequent meals not only relieve hunger, but also soothe the nervous system, speed up the metabolism and improve well-being. It is not easy to stick to fractional power, but for the sake of a beautiful figure it is worth making even such sacrifices.

Here is the approximate fractional power scheme:

On Monday, breakfast oatmeal on water and apple. Lunch served steamed fish, for lunch – brown rice with boiled chicken fillet and vegetable salad. Tea time consists of one glass of kefir or fruit. At dinner, cooked vegetable soup. Before bed you can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.
On Tuesday, the day begins with buckwheat porridge on the water. For the second breakfast two pears are baked. For lunch, fish soup and vegetable salad are served, for afternoon tea – low-fat cottage cheese with honey, for dinner – pumpkin puree and chicken cutlet. In the evening you can leave a glass of kefir.
On Wednesday, two eggs are cooked for breakfast, a fruit salad is prepared for lunch, and chicken broth and cabbage salad for lunch. You can half-eat baked cheesecakes, dine – a piece of boiled beef with steamed vegetables. Before bedtime, you are allowed to eat an apple or drink a glass of kefir, yogurt or yogurt.

Daily cooking can be tedious. But this is just one of many examples that can be taken as a basis for the future diet. It is not forbidden to cook fish soup for dinner and eat it for several days, and then cook another dish. Similarly, the issue is resolved with breakfast and dinner.

fish soup

A living example from a nutritionist Mila Gritsenko

Weight loss should not be a struggle with excess weight, but a way of life, said nutritionist Mila Gritsenko. Today, she is a well-known doctor who helps not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also to find a motivation that does not allow you to quit halfway.

A good motivator for many was her own life experience. Mila was inclined to be overweight since childhood, and in her teen years her weight was 70 kg. Attempts to go on a diet did not lead to anything – there was enough patience for exactly half a day, and in the evening she ate ecstatic sandwiches with sausage.

Mila wanted to like, love and be loved. But the guys did not pay attention to the girl, calling her a fat woman behind her eyes. Mila tried all known types of diets: from hunger strike to exhausting workouts. The results are not pleased. Loads and malnutrition led to physical and nervous exhaustion, breakdowns occurred, and dropped pounds returned to the site. At the age of 17, Mila met a man who accepted her with all the flaws, and at 18 she gave birth to her first child.

After giving birth, a young woman saw that the scale arrow crawled up to the mark of 90 and decided that she would become beautiful by all means. Exercise for a nursing mother was excluded and Mila began to revise her diet. She eliminated fats and fast carbohydrates from the diet, replacing them with vegetables, fruits, lean fish, olive oil, nuts and cereals.

The result was a balanced system that allowed Mila to lose 40 kg in five months.

During the feeding period, Mila adhered to the same set of products so that the changed diet did not affect the quality of milk. When the baby grew, she diversified the diet with light foods, and also added cardio-load and weight training with her weight.

Mila knew firsthand that a healthy diet can be tasteless and monotonous, and this is the cause of failures. Therefore, she began to invent her own recipes for healthy dishes and to adapt the recipe of ordinary cuisine. As a result, more than 300 recipes were collected, which were included in the book “Eat and Lose Weight with Mila Gritsenko”.

book Mila Gritsenko

A young woman was not limited to the release of one book. Mila began to lead groups in social networks and help men and women who are also seeking to lose weight. She completed nutritionist courses to conduct professional counseling. Among her clients are celebrities: Andrei Chadov, Irina Slutskaya, Nastya Zadorozhnaya and many others. The vast majority of Mila helped to create a power system that corresponds to a particular lifestyle and work schedule. In addition, it helps to create an individual plan of physical training.

Mila is convinced that beauty rests on three pillars: a comfortable diet, regular exercise and strong motivation. And if someone says that he can not lose weight because of genetics, you should not believe him. It’s all human laziness and the wrong method of losing weight.

So, the goal is achievable. But, even if losing weight by 40 kg does not work as quickly as we would like, you should not rush from one method to another. Such a throwing for the body – additional stress, positive results will not be exact.

It is better to remember that weight loss by 70 percent depends on proper nutrition, and only 30 percent depends on physical activity and decide how to lose weight by 40 kg, based on this fact. Therefore, you need to harmoniously combine diet with endurance exercises and praise yourself for every kilogram dropped. A positive attitude will not consider the diet as something interfering with a normal life.


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