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How to pump up the ass for 1 week without harm to health

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About beautiful elastic buttocks every girl dreams of. First and foremost, pay attention to this part of the female body. Want to quickly pump up the buttocks? It is possible, but note that for effective results requires a lot of patience and effort. In this article you will learn how to pump up the ass for one week.


To swing the buttocks need not only for beauty but for health. Pumped pop contributes to the more effective work of the whole organism, reduces the likelihood of injury to other muscles.

Before to choose training program, to determine their purpose.

If you want to visually enlarge your butt, increase muscle, it is necessary to select exercises using weighting, for example, dumbbells or kettlebells.

Training with weight will help to shape the buttocks. Such exercises need not be performed more than three times a week with a small number of sets (4-5 or 7-8).

If you want to lose weight, reduce buttocks, exercise without any additional equipment. But in this case, to perform the exercises more frequently – five or six times a week. Approaches must also be greater than two to three times.

It is also worth noting that in order to quickly pump up the ass, it is impossible to abandon the sit-UPS, as this is a basic exercise. Only thanks to him you will be able to see results in the first week of training.

Popular exercises for beginners

Before you begin exercising, warm up your muscles. To do this, do a little stretching. Stand still (feet at shoulder width), bend over, trying to get palms to the floor. Next, put your foot on the step or another hill and try to reach hands to toes. This stretching can stretch your muscles, preparing them for subsequent physical activity.

Move on to core exercises:

  • Start with squats, but monitor the correct execution of this exercise. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulders and start slowly squat, keeping your back straight and exposing the buttocks (if you want to sit in a chair). That is the effect you will achieve if only during squats butt to touch the heels. Beginners enough to perform the exercise 15-20 times, over time, increase the load level.
  • Take a prone position on his stomach. Look ahead and raise the legs alternately (check that they do not bend at the knees, if possible try to hold for a few seconds in the air).
  • Get on your knees, hands on the floor. Take leg to the side at an angle of 90 degrees and hold in this position for 2-3 seconds. Change the leg and repeat this action 20 times.
  • Take prone position (belly up). Put hands under butt, palms down. Bend the legs. Lift your pelvis up, lingering in that position for a few seconds.
  • Get on your knees, hands on the floor. Without bending the right leg, lift it up, repeat the same procedure with the left. Do the exercise 15 times.
  • You will need an exercise ball. Place it between your legs in the sitting position and try to squeeze feet. Repeat the action for a minute and repeat it four times a day.
  • In addition to these basic exercises recommend to train with a rope. Engage with her at least fifteen minutes every day.

    For more effective exercises

    How quickly pump up the ass for a week with a basic exercise we understand. Now consider an additional program you can include in your workout are not only for beginners but also for those involved in the sport for a long time.

  • This exercise is working not only the glutes but also the muscles of the back, back of the thighs. Take the situation lying belly down (feet kept). Stretch your arms in front of you, tighten your abdominal muscles, inhale and simultaneously lift from the floor of the hands and feet. Try to lift them as high as possible, straining muscles of buttocks. Stay in original position for two seconds. Repeat fifteen times for three sets, between which take a break of half a minute.
  • With this exercise you not only speed up the process of leveling the gluteal muscles, but also improve coordination. Keep balance, do not swing from side to side. To perform this exercise required a bench or a stool. Stand in front of the auxiliary equipment, place it on your left foot, push down sharply right and pull your knee toward him. Repeat fifteen times. Change the leg. Perform each exercise for three sets with a minute break between them.
  • Place your feet at shoulder width, straighten your back, bend your arms at the elbows in front of him (a position that take the boxers). Take foot back cross the second and slightly squat down, bending both legs at the knees. During the exercise the gluteal muscle strain and stress on the front foot. Repeat this fifteen times. Switch legs. Make four passes with a minute break between them.
  • Don’t forget about healthy way of life. Proper sleep regime and strict diet would accelerate the process of pumping muscles. Don’t forget daily drink plenty of fluids (it is recommended to drink non-carbonated water). Don’t forget about the hazards of alcohol and Smoking, these bad habits will reduce the effectiveness of training. In addition, try to eat on schedule. If you have no problems with the extra weight, eat fractional and often. Eat more fruits and vegetables, don’t forget to spend time in the fresh air.

    Pumping ass, you will improve your posture. Over time, it will be easier to overcome long distances and to climb stairs, as the body becomes accustomed to the loads. All you need to collect all will in a fist and every day to give your body time. Strengthening of the buttocks will accentuate your femininity, will give you confidence.

    What you need for getting fast results?

  • Systematic training. Plan your classes so as not to miss them. If You don’t like to get up in the morning, then train in the evening. If at a later time, you often make plans to stay with friends or family, plan your lessons before Breakfast.
  • Concentration. During exercise you should not be distracted by any factors such as TV viewing or phone conversations.
  • The exercises in the program. Do everything clearly and in time, use the stopwatch.
  • Diligence. Set yourself in advance that it would be difficult. You need to overcome muscle pain and constant shortness of breath. Over time you more comfortable exercise.
  • Good luck in achieving your goals!

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