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How to pump up buttocks at home: nutrition and the best exercises

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How to pump up buttocks at home: nutrition and the best exercises

The contents

  • How to achieve maximum effect from the training
  • Change diet
  • Rules of fitness training
  • A selection of effective exercises
  • Contraindications for training

The deterioration of buttocks is affected by many factors: sedentary, sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits and lack of sports in human life and a drastic change of body weight (in either direction). In order to adjust the shape, size and topography of the gluteal muscles, you have to review diet, regular fitness training and give the body to fully relax and recover. With this approach, the first results will be noticeable after 1-2 weeks.

How to achieve maximum effect from the training

Often performing the most effective exercises for changing the state of the gluteal muscles is not enough. To improve the effectiveness of the training will also need to:

  • give up bad habits — alcohol and Smoking;
  • drink per day 1.5-2 liters of pure non-carbonated water;
  • make a rough daily schedule and try to stick to it, sleep at least 8 hours a day;
  • to give the body additional physical activity: more walking, Cycling, visit to the pool, etc.;
  • for more effective loss of fat in the buttocks need to combine exercise and proper nutrition with the salon body treatments — body wraps, lymphatic drainage massage, etc.

Change diet

Work on the pumping buttocks should be comprehensive, and the most important thing that you need to pay attention to is the adjustment of supply. Correctly composed diet will help get rid of body fat, and increase the volume of the gluteal muscles. Adherence to a rigid diet along with intense exercise is prohibited. Proper nutrition is eating high quality, healthy products that enrich the body with necessary trace elements and vitamins.

How to adjust your diet and make dietary regime:

  • eating 5-6 times a day in small portions;
  • to cook in a gentle way: steamed, boil, bake, braise;
  • excluded from the diet of fried, fatty, salty, smoked food, canned food, processed foods, sweets, flour products;
  • to gain muscle to include in the diet with 20-30% protein, 10-20% fat and 50-60% carbohydrates;
  • you can get proteins from lean types of meat, poultry, dairy products, fish, eggs, legumes; fats from nuts, vegetable oils, salmon, avocado; carbohydrates from cereals, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, pasta from durum wheat.

Rules of fitness training

To properly carry out fitness training for high-quality pumping buttocks you need to:

  • to train 2-3 times a week (every other day), giving the muscles time to rest;
  • start doing effective butt exercises 2 hours after a meal;
  • to warm up before training, practice, stretching after them;
  • to increase the working weight of the weights or the number of repetitions once the muscles get used to starting loads;
  • in the presence of excess weight is to combine strength training with aerobic.

A selection of effective exercises

Effective exercises below should be done 10-15 times in 3-4 sets. Initially run a number of difficult approaches, you can start with 1-2. If the body to physical loads is not used, the first workout is recommended with the weight of his body. Next, you will need to use the weights and to reduce the number of repetitions in the sets to 12. The initial weight of the shells is determined experimentally. If the selected weighting 8-9 repetitions of the exercises difficult to do, and 12 is almost impossible, its weight suits you.

  • Squats.

Standing straight with feet shoulder-width shoulder parallel to each other and the hands resting on the waist, bend legs to the right angle in the knees and seat. Back don’t bend, don’t slouch, head and pelvis below the knees are lowered. To get up, taking the starting position.

  • Mahi of the squat.

This element of fitness training is the same as the previous one, except that after the straightening of the knees alternately need to do the leg swings forward.

  • Plie-squats.

With your feet wider than shoulders, feet spreading to the sides and closed their hands in the lock on the chest, sit down to thighs parallel with the floor. Back don’t bend, don’t slouch, the head below the knees are lowered. Lock for 2-3 seconds, stand up, taking the starting position.

  • Squats with narrow-set stops.

Standing straight, put feet together, hands on waist, bend legs to the right angle in the knees and seat. Back not to bend, not to build the blades, the head and the pelvis below the knees are lowered. To get up, taking the starting position.

  • Leg swings back.

Stand straight at a distance of approximately 30 cm from the chair, to lean on his back. Pull right knee to chest, then make a swing the right leg back. After Seth to perform moves with the other leg.

  • “Fish”.

Lie on stomach, arms extended forward. Body from fingers to toes should form a straight line. On the exhale, simultaneously raise up your hands and feet to get a lock for 2-3 seconds, return to starting position.

  • “Gluteal bridge.”

Lying on back, bend knees at an angle of 100-110 degrees and raise them shoulder-width apart. Hands pull along the body, put the palms on the floor. Due to the tension in the gluteal muscles to lift the pelvis up. The body from the shoulders to the knees should form a straight line. Lock for 2-3 seconds, return to starting position.

Contraindications for training

During such fitness workouts considering not only the glutes, but also feet and, partially, back muscles and the press, carried the load on the genitourinary and reproductive system. Therefore, contraindications to such training are:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • protrusion;
  • disc herniation;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • varicose veins;
  • chronic inflammatory diseases of the urinary and reproductive systems, especially in the acute stage;
  • various pathologies of the spine;
  • tumors of various etiologies.

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