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How to pump the biceps on the bench “Scott”

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Strong muscular hands – the pride of any man, and the weakness of women. The first train hard for strength development and relief hands. Second go crazy from strong masculine arms. In this article we will examine one of the most popular and effective exercises for pumping the biceps.

A few words about the simulator

Simulator “Scott” (or bench) is named after Larry Scott, Mr. Olympia twice. You can find this equipment in any gym. User-friendly design and ease of use makes the simulator an indispensable tool in the work on the strength and musculature of the hands.

Externally the trainer “Scott” is represented as:

  • benches for Seating;
  • slanted lectern for support of the elbows;
  • retainer for the rod.
  • The purpose of the exercise
    Fold your hands on the bench “Scott” is a group of isolated exercises. That is, acts directly on the biceps muscle of the arm.

    The perfect exercise to pump the biceps and all the secondary muscles that are required for it to work (brachialis, brachioradialis, brachioradialis muscle and pronator teres).

    Execution of flexion of the hands on trainer “Scott”, thanks to its design, allows to reduce the load on the elbows and spine. Due to the inclined stand, you can completely straighten your arms with the weights and not worry about the potential for injury.

    Fold your hands on the bench “Scott” is designed to increase the amount and strength of your biceps. So this exercise will be more interesting for men. Girls, with the exception of showing bodybuilders may pay attention to the leveling of the triceps.


    Adhering to correct techniques of executing exercises, you will achieve maximum results without the risk of dangerous injuries. Despite the fact that the bending of the arms on the simulator “Scott” is not a technically difficult exercise, it is important initially to learn all the intricacies and nuances of its implementation. And from the first lesson to get used to swing the biceps properly.

    So, how to work on the bench, “Scott”:

  • First, you need to adjust the simulator and customize it to fit your height and comfortable hand position.
  • Then you can take the starting position: sitting on the bench, position slightly bent at the elbows parallel to each other on a sloping stand. Take pre-prepared and equipped fingerboard straight grip (palms deployed to the top). Legs rest against the floor.
  • On the exhale, due to the shortening of the biceps lift the neck barbell up to shoulder height. For a few seconds softservices in this position, keeping the tension in the muscles. On the inhale lower your arms, straightening them at the elbow joint. Feel how stretched your biceps.
  • Repeat the exercise 10-15 times for three sets, or use the ready-made sets of flexion of the arms, which we describe next.
  • A few recommendations for this exercise:

  • Proceed to the bending of the arms on the simulator “Scott” only after a good stretch and warm up muscles.
  • Keep your backs straight. During the execution of exercises should not cause discomfort and pain in the back.
  • It is important to follow the rhythm of the breath. Exhale on the effort (while lifting weights) and inhale on the extension arms.
  • The body should be fixed and work only the muscles of the arms.
  • At the top don’t rest, and even more cut biceps.
  • It does not need too much weight. It is important not to throw his hands with the rod, and to control the whole process.
  • Use EZ – vulture, it will help to reduce the load on the forearm.
  • For more results, use different types of grip and flexion of the hands.
  • Variations of exercises

    Sometimes just changing grip or swapping the barbell for dumbbells, you can significantly improve the work on the biceps, taking into account individual characteristics of a person. Above, we described the classic version of the exercise. Let us consider some special:

  • Bending of the hands narrow grip (palms are as close to each other). In the classic version is included in the work both heads of your biceps. Here, the focus is shifted to the outer (long). It is recommended to use less weight as the load on the forearm more.
  • Bending the arms wide grip (palms are as far away from each other). The main burden falls on the inner(short) biceps head. Weight can be increased.
  • Bending of the hands reverse grip (palms facing down). Allow better to study the lower part of the biceps and muscles of the anterior surface of the forearm.
  • Bending of hands with a straight neck. We were advised to use a cambered (EZ-stamp). Direct will increase the load on the forearm. Therefore, carefully fit the neck (not over weight) and follow the technique. The movements should not be sharp, and the weight must be fully controlled.
  • Bending of hands with dumbbells.
  • Instead of a rod you can easily take the dumbbell. And exercise in turn each hand or two immediately. Alternate performing exercises gives you the opportunity to concentrate on a certain hand and consider its power capabilities and physiological features. Even bending two arms with dumbbells, you can evenly work both biceps. While bending hands with a barbell load shifted to one side. This is due to the fact that one arm (leading) is greater than the other and accordingly takes a great weight on himself.

    So if the difference in strength and muscle mass of the hands is significantly visible, please note it on alternate bending of the arms.

    This exercise can be modified by changing the grip from direct to reverse. Interesting is the grip the “hammer”. The dumbbell is not parallel to the floor and perpendicular. The focus is shifted to the inner head of the bicep.

  • The bending of the arms at the cable machine. The essence of the exercise remains unchanged. In this case, the peculiarity lies in the design of the trainer “Scott”. Instead of a latch for the rod you will find a handle with a rope attached to the load. Weight naturally you can adjust. The exercise is performed sitting or standing. Also, you can choose any grip from above.
  • Effective program

    Best for increasing strength and building muscle we recommend that you regularly perform the bending of the hands, alternating these types of exercises as:

    • bending with a curved neck;
    • alternately bending each arm with dumbbells;
    • flexion of the hands with a reverse grip.

    In addition, these exercises can be combined. The sets are performed without change in order and without interruption. Suitable for beginners 3 sets (i.e. 3 exercises), advanced athletes need to perform 5-6 sets.

    Summing up, it should be noted that the bending of the arms on the bench “Scott” effectively increases the strength of the biceps and accompanies the separation of the biceps (well-drawn relief). Also, you can choose the exercise that suits you and to regulate weight.

    Be sure to include this exercise in your exercise program. And remember that to train the body be complex. I hope this article was useful for you. We wish you success!

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