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Many athletes only to shake the abdominal muscles and chest. Beautiful body with no relief of the back will not. Let’s see together what exercises will help build up your back muscles.

Gym – our salvation

Before practice – analysis exercise, we will focus a bit on theory – definition of muscle groups of the back. When training worked the following muscles:

  • The widest and trapezius. Start from the spine and go to the sides.
  • Rhomboid, infraspinatus and small round muscle fibers. Traction are utilized in trainings.
  • A muscle that straightens the vertebrae and is the largest in the lower back area. Runs along the vertebra. The main component forces of the body.

How to download back in the gym? Let’s look at basic exercises that will help to achieve the desired effect.


Considering all the muscle fibers of the back.


  • Perform a deep squat.
  • Shell take hands from the top.
  • Hips slightly back.
  • Heels are repelled from the surface and begin to rise slowly.


  • Muscles must always be in tension.
  • Back straight from the beginning exercises to the end.
  • Hips down exactly as long as the wheels are not touching the floor.
  • Doing 3 runs for 12 reps.

Thrust rod to the belt

  • The shell is held in front of him.
  • The back is smooth.
  • Distance between your hands slightly wider than shoulder girdle.
  • Tense muscles of the body. Then do a forward bend to 60 degrees.
  • The fretboard extends to the upper abdomen.
  • Need to stay at the endpoint for some time.
  • To return to the initial position.
  • Doing 3 runs for 12 reps.


Worked out back, namely the broadest and round muscles.


  • It should hang on the bar.
  • The distance between the hands slightly wider than shoulder girdle.
  • Then start to perform pullups to the upper part of the thorax.
  • Gradually lowered and completely straightening the arms.
  • Doing 3 runs for 12 reps.

If pull-UPS are difficult to perform, can be replaced. The alternative is the thrust block to the chest.

Thrust in the slope with dumbbells

Involved oblique muscle fibers of the stomach, as well as round and wide.

  • Rest your left knee and hand in a horizontal bench.
  • Watching the back. No deflections.
  • Be sure to keep the muscles tense.
  • The dumbbell slowly up to the body.
  • Linger at this point for 2 seconds.
  • Slowly unbend arm, dropping the shell.
  • Perform 3 runs for 12 reps.

Pull the dumbbells in push-up position

  • Should take the supine position with shells in his hands.
  • Pretty quickly raise one hand to the bark. Note: in the process of performing the torso does not move.
  • Linger for a while in this position and lower your arm.
  • Doing the upgrade on the second hand.
  • To perform 3 runs for 12 reps.

Technique pull-UPS with reverse grip to work the biceps, and also on wide and round muscle fibers:

  • To hang on the bar.
  • Taken from the bottom. The distance between the hands equal to the width of the shoulder girdle.
  • Then catch up to the level of the chest.
  • Doing 3 runs for 12 reps.
  • Technique pull-UPS on a low bar:
  • Put a blank fretboard on a rack in the simulator.
  • Under him lay down and take a grip slightly more than shoulder width.
  • Hips need to detach from the surface on which lie.
  • Straighten the body, that formed a 45-degree angle.
  • Then tightened the chest to the neck.For a few moments freeze.
  • To do 3 runs for 12 reps.

Thrust t-shaped fingerboard

Involved the diamond-shaped muscle fibers and biceps.

  • The neck is between your legs. Allowed the handle.
  • Lean forward to the formation of a 45-degree angle.
  • The back is smooth.
  • Then tighten the neck to the chest.
  • Wait in this position for a few seconds.
  • Slowly lower the shell.
  • To do 3 runs for 12 reps.

Thrust dumbbells in the slope


Worked out wide and round and diamond-shaped muscle fibers.

  • Set the bench at 45-degrees.
  • To lie on her stomach, head down.
  • Take a classic dumbbell grip.
  • Tightens them up.
  • At the end point linger for a moment.
  • Omit.
  • To do 3 1.

Thrust block to the chest narrow grip

Work biceps and rhomboid and trapezius muscle fibers. For pumping with this exercise you need exercise equipment for the back.

  • Take up the hilt. Between minimal distance.
  • Legs bend at the knees.
  • The back is moved back, it video.
  • Pull to the chest.
  • To change the situation in progress is not acceptable.
  • At the end point linger for a while.
  • The handle is recycled.
  • Make 3 1.

Pullover using dumbbells

Considering the widest muscle fibers of the back.

  • Lie on the bench.
  • The dumbbell is kept straight-hands over the chest.
  • Her hands holding on to the upper disk.
  • Tenses the muscles of the torso.
  • The dumbbell is slowly lowered behind the head. The bottom disk should be slightly below the bench.
  • To do 3 1.

Options complications:

  • instead of bench, use a fitball;
  • to do sitting on a bench with toned thighs.


Works the musculature of the lower back.

  • Lie on the floor.
  • Stretch the hands forward. Legs, chest and arms torn off from the surface. Stay in this position for some time.


Worked out the muscles of the lower back.

  • Lie down on the bench. Important: can be done on the fitball.
  • Crossed hands on the chest.
  • The back is always smooth.
  • Slowly lean forward until the formation of a 45-degree angle.
  • Then go back to startopology.
  • To do 3 1.

A similar set of exercises for your back in the gym will help to achieve the desired result. It is sufficient to choose 4-5 of them.

All the “pros” and “cons” of exercises for the back

Besides the development of muscles, posture will be smooth, people will look tall and slim. It will also help to get rid of the pain. There are the following indications for classes:

  • Low back pain. Vertebra to become more mobile, improve posture.
  • A sedentary way of life.
  • Scoliosis at an early stage. It is possible to prevent curvature of the spine.
  • The lack of exercise.
  • Intervertebral hernia. Helps to restore the flexibility of the vertebra, leaving pain, you can restore its mobility.
  • Prevention of diseases of the spine.

If during exercise you feel a sharp pain, you should stop running.

There are such contraindications to training:

  • Increase in blood pressure.
  • Asthma.
  • During pregnancy.
  • Heart and vascular diseases.
  • Diseases of the vertebra.
  • Chronic ailments.

Before training you should consult with a qualified professional.

Recommendations for beautiful back muscles

Identify the following recommendations for training:

  • Better to start with easy exercises and then gradually increase the load.
  • It is important to objectively assess their physical abilities.
  • Use the correct technique, otherwise the result will not be satisfactory.
  • Between sets do the rest.
  • The first three sessions should be no longer than 20 minutes.
  • The maximum duration of training for female – 45 minutes.
  • Do not skip classes.
  • Before exercise do warm-up: lean forward and backward, right and left, stretching, flexion-extension of the limbs.
  • Use a balanced diet. The diet you need to follow a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. In addition, pay attention to the vitamins.
  • Drink plenty of water – at least two liters a day.
  • Listen to your body.

After training, you can get a massage. It is also useful to drink a potassium. Perform stretching exercises of the back.

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