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How to pump dumbbells triceps

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You want your hands to visually seem larger and more massive than? Then you just need to train the triceps. Often, athletes believe that it is impossible to pump without equipment. But it is not enough to have just a normal dumbbell.

The basic rules of performance of exercises on triceps

Before you start training, it is important to understand the structure of the triceps. This will help to generate the right set of exercises. The first thing to understand is that any movement of the hand occurs it is thanks to this three-headed muscle. In this case it connects the humerus and the ulna, located on the inner side of the arm, near the shoulder.

To feel triceps can when making a hand motion back to the body.

This muscle defines the visual appearance of the hand, it provides more than half the thickness, and forget about its proper development is not, in any case, otherwise there is a risk of disproportionate and ugly hands. Strong triceps are necessary for push-UPS, pull-UPS, various planks and exercises for the chest.

So, what rules should you follow when performing exercises for triceps with dumbbells:

  • do exercises after a warm-up;
  • workout with dumbbells – insulating, and, therefore, other muscle groups not used during training. Almost all exercises needs to be to work the triceps, if you don’t feel this muscle, therefore, technique incorrect;
  • watch the position of the hands, the shoulder and elbow hold still. The main load occurs on the elbows;
  • gently pick up the weight — it increases it gradually from small to large. If you want your muscles up, then the dumbbell should have quite a lot of weight if you just work to strengthen and tone muscles, you do 20-25 reps 4-5 approach, but with less weight;
  • everything is done without jerks, slowly and controlled.

It is also worth noting that the success of the exercise is regular exercise. It is important to remember that to achieve higher scores also need proper routine and balanced diet, namely increased consumption of proteins and exclusion from your diet of alcohol, aerated drinks, energy drinks and confectionery.

Exercises for triceps with dumbbells outside the hall

At various locations of the body different parts of the triceps loaded differently. However, there is no reason to do all three of the same exercise. For an effective workout performs a dumbbell bench press, straightening of the hands over the body and the French press. Other exercises for training the triceps, you can perform the optional or sometimes interchanged.

  • Press the dumbbells behind your head while sitting. This exercise is performed sitting on the bench, you need to bend the back at the waist, keeping my legs widely. Dumbbell takes 2 hands behind your head, elbows should be parallel to the floor. On the exhale dumbbell raised straight up, the area of the upper arm stationary.
  • Press the dumbbells behind your head while standing 2 hands to perform the exercises you need to stand straight, feet spread wide, a dumbbell having a head. On the exhale raise the arms up, make sure that the movement was only in the area of the elbow.
  • Press the dumbbells behind your head while standing 1st hand. The grip needs to be internal, free hand falls down, or grabs your body.
  • Straightening the arms back with a tilt – you need to stand near the bench (or stool), sticking his palms and knee. Take a dumbbell in hand and raise it up, bending the elbow to 90 degrees. The area of the forearm should be perpendicular to the floor. On the exhale, straighten your arm at the elbow, the upper region while leave still. Hold for a few seconds and return to starting position.
  • Straightening the arms back with the tilt sitting. Sit on a bench and take in one hand a dumbbell inner grip. Leaning forward, the back should be parallel to the bench, arm bent at the elbow at an angle 90градусным. On the exhale recogni hand back so that she was parallel to the floor. Hold for a few seconds and return to starting position.
  • French bench press with dumbbells. Lie down on the bench, back and buttocks flat against the surface. Take dumbbells straight grip, arm pull straight up. On the exhale drop your hands down so that the shoulders and forearm was at an angle of 90 degrees. Hold for a few seconds and bring the hands to the initial position.
  • Dumbbell bench press lying narrow grip. Lie on bench, feet against the floor, the back and buttocks pressed against the surface. Hands with dumbbells taken internal grip, elbows bent and pressed against the housing. On the exhale, raise the dumbbell vertically, arms perpendicular to the floor. On the inhale return to its original position.
  • French press – how to build triceps with dumbbells quickly and efficiently

    For anybody not a secret that the best isolation exercise for triceps is the French press. As an exercise very specific, you need to very carefully monitored, to comply with the correctness of its implementation. French press is:

    • lying – this type is most preferable for athletes in the period when increase mass. Athletes with short triceps, I prefer to do it lying down. Exercise makes it possible to separately work the triceps;
    • sitting – the owners of the long triceps prefer the sitting position during this exercise, the triceps muscle works more naturally;
    • standing – for those who have long triceps and the point of attachment is in the forearm, it is necessary to make French press standing with dumbbells.

    But also remember that this simple exercise is fraught with many dangers to joints and ligaments. Almost all people have the triceps more than the biceps, so you must train with lighter weight. French bench press do not recommend people who have problems with elbow joints. In this case, the exercise should be replaced by the bench press narrow grip on the bench. It is more secure because the joints are less loaded. However, failure to follow techniques, even using small weight, can happen injury. The most important thing – without jerks. During abduction dumbbell back can happen injury to ligaments. This exercise should be done slowly, slowly. The only way to protect themselves from various injuries.

    How to build triceps free weights: exercise program

    As you can see, to achieve beautiful hands and pump up the triceps is not difficult, just need a tune-up. To achieve tangible results by the exercises with dumbbells it’s better to add also power exercises such as: pushups from a horizontal surface, from benches, pull UPS on horizontal bar and parallel bars. All of the training necessary to perform several times a week. Exercises with their weight are made through the day and insulating, these include exercises for triceps with dumbbells or other equipment 1 time per week, not more. Effectively combine workout biceps with triceps. While pumping muscles, biceps and triceps, your arms will be subjected to maximum load. To exercise the biceps and triceps best of all at a time.

    To pump the triceps, every athlete individually selects for itself the optimal set of exercises. A constant change in the training regime significantly increases muscle. This is because the greatest effect of any training process is achieved only in the beginning. If you continue to exercise your triceps on the same scheme, they will lose the “training stress”, the body becomes accustomed and muscle mass will cease to increase. For the prevention of injury and greater efficiency before each workout warming up is obligatory. Observing the rules of training, it is possible for a relatively short time to increase muscle volume of the arms.

    Also do not forget that the triceps more than any other muscle is prone to overtraining, so no need to abuse a number of approaches. The stronger the muscle is, the more time it takes to restore it.

    Many of the isolation exercises on the bench is not recommended for people:

    • with high and low pressure;
    • with cardiovascular disease;
    • with asthma.

    Do not forget about safety – as soon as I feel a sharp pain, should immediately stop working out and think over your mistakes. Watch the position of the body – excessive strain on the back can lead to disastrous consequences.

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