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How to pump back in the gym?

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Work with the back muscles is very important when training in the gym. For a beautiful and muscular body to press the barbell and bend at the triceps is not enough. Here’s a database of exercises which will make the back wide and raised.

When performing a workout on the back work:

  • A-line.
  • The widest selections.
  • Rectifiers.

Pumping the trapeze will make your back thicker. The waist will be visually by exploring the widest. And exercises for the rectifiers will not change your appearance, but they are important in the stabilization of the back with heavy base load.

Repetitions and approaches: how much do you need?

The answer to this question depends on what you intended.

If you want to burn fat and dry muscle, it is better to do more repetitions and less rest. So the exercise is high intensity. The optimal strategy is to perform 13-15 reps 3 sets.

You’re new to the gym? Then do at least 10-12 repetitions using low weight. This will help you to become familiar with the proper technique, and your muscles will remember the mechanics of exercises for the back. Gradually increase the weight, and at my first training session don’t take the weights, or have a workout just with the neck. In every new try to do more repetitions of exercises than did before. When you easily perform 15 repetitions, then you might think about increase in weight.

If you are interested in weight, then you will approach training with a small number of iterations – 7-8 4-5 approaches.

The best exercises for the back

This is one of the most effective exercises for your back in the gym and not only. Large plus pull-UPS that, despite the simplicity of execution involves a lot of muscle groups. You only need to have around a bar or horizontal bar.

  • Hang on the crossbar.
  • From hanging on straight arms position to reach the bar, trying to touch her Breasts or chin.
  • The wider take hold of the bar, the stronger the pump the widest. With a narrow grip will be better able to work out the biceps.

    Vertical block: thrust

    Let’s call it the younger brother of pull-UPS. But when you pull the vertical block of exercise can be done more technical.

  • Sit down and hold your pelvis so that the fretboard was not over you, a little ahead.
  • Take a starting position: torso and arms straight, shoulders slightly raised, feet on the floor.
  • Get the blades, then the movement needs to connect the elbows, which should be lowered parallel to the sides in the direction of back and slightly to the side.
  • When you reach shoulder level, hold and slowly bring the neck on the original.
  • Thrust rod in the slope

    Using this exercise the back muscles can be worked well the thickness of the middle part and bottom “wings”.

  • Position the torso parallel to the floor, rotted a bit back and slightly bend your knees. Take the barbell at shoulder width. In the starting position the arms are straight, the shell is slightly ahead.
  • Pull the barbell to the abdomen, when touching it, the blades should be reduced.
  • Pull dumbbells

  • Take the shell in your left hand. Stand by the bench and put your feet next, then put your knee of the right leg in the bench, bend over and put your right hand.
  • Inhale and pull the dumbbell to the ceiling, in a straight line. Stay a bit longer.
  • Exhale and slowly lower the shell.
  • Do the torso parallel to the floor and your back should be bent a little. Rounding back bodily injury. Do not strain in this exercise, the hands, the force should only occur from the brachial and dorsal muscles.

    Horizontal thrust

    This exercise is for the muscles of the back is more focused on the broadest, or rather, on their bottom. Most effective fulfilment of the cravings helps a forked stick, which will allow you to keep your hands parallel to each other. And if you use the stamp, there will be more burden on the middle and upper back.

  • Get to the block in front, slightly bent knees, and put your feet into the platform.
  • Bend over and grasp the handle.
  • Rising back, spread your chest, arms straight.
  • Pull the handle towards yourself, elbows gliding ago, exactly in a straight line. Try to leave the elbows and shoulders as far as possible.
  • Touch handle yourself and gently return to original position.
  • Tip: if you use a stamp, there will be more burden on the middle and upper back.
    Pullover on the block

    This simulator for the back is typically used to draw the broadest muscle and the lower part of the muscles of the chest. Best use is not very large the weight as a big load makes you bend your elbows, as this does not effectively work out the widest.

  • Stand before to the trainer and take the fretboard from the top. Recede back a half step.
  • Body straight, back slightly rotted.
  • Hold your breath and pull the neck straight arms, lower to hip level.
  • After touching thighs struggling to get the widest.
  • Direct hands gently return the shell to its original position.
  • Stanovaya

  • Take the stamp from the top and suck it in. Starting position: arms are straight, the shell at the level of the hips. The back need to stretch and bend a little, shoulders back, look forward to ourselves.
  • Bend your knees and put the back of the pelvis, tilting your torso and lowering the shell parallel to the legs, without bending the arms and keeping the lower back arched.
  • When reaching the endpoint strained rear part of the hips and pull the barbell higher, gradually returning to baseline. The effort should come from the muscles of the legs.
  • Straighten up, get some rest and badly strained his back and legs.
  • Absolutely not to round the back when performing a deadlift, thus you get hurt!

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