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How to prepare a program of fitness training?

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How to prepare a program of fitness training?
The contents

  • The health of the athlete in the formation of a fitness program
  • Physiological characteristics of the human body in the formation of the training plan
  • The compilation of fitness programs

The world of fitness is not only taking care of your health, appearance and shape, but also a profitable branch of business which sell sports accessories and shells, but also the knowledge. Beginners it can be difficult to navigate to the programs offered, they can not immediately determine the qualifications of the coach and are often forced to spend their time and money trying to experiment to get the right information. Regardless of whether the athlete is going to train on their own or under the guidance of a coach is to study the features of drawing up a fitness program to get maximum results and the time to determine the qualifications of your instructors.

The health of the athlete in the formation of a fitness program

When planning training it is necessary to use individual approach in the first place given the state of human health, gathered to begin training. In preparing the plan the fitness trainer may use the test items to determine the degree fiznagruzki and the possibility of its further increase.

An important step in the selection of the program is to collect information about health status, since the presence of the disease will determine the possibility of the use of certain exercise movements.

  • Gentle fiznagruzki should choose those people that have problems with the musculoskeletal system, heart, or blood vessels.
  • Completely abandon the power elements have the people who have had open heart surgery. The best solution in this situation would be the use of complexes of therapeutic physical training to help individuals gradually and safely rehabilitated.
  • People with diseases of the spine, it is necessary with care to perform exercises with vertical fiznagruzki. In some cases, such fitness workouts-is it better to refuse.
  • A professional coach must have the necessary knowledge to draw up a scheme of training for any of these situations. Special attention should be paid to the age of the athlete, as many fiznagruzki inaccessible to the older generation, and can cause real harm to the body. If in 40 years people could still come to the gym and pump up muscles, in 60 years need to focus on the careful strengthening of the heart and joints. If the coach gives to man the standard plan, without inquiring his physical condition, it makes sense to replace it with another instructor.

    Physiological characteristics of the human body in the formation of the training plan

    To fitness program was useful and did not cause harm, it is important to consider the physiological characteristics of the athlete, as well as its capabilities. The schema is required to make to the beginner slowly and gradually adapted to the fiznagruzki, avoiding overexertion or excessive fatigue.

    • Stretching.

    A mandatory element of the fitness circuit for a beginner, allowing not only to remove stress from the muscles, but also to ensure their better elasticity, necessary for the performance of force elements. Reduces pain in muscles after strength training, keeps the elasticity of ligaments and mobility of joints, reduces the risk of injury.

    • Endurance.

    The degree of this index all people are different, so the coach must consider the initial level of the athlete. To develop endurance will help cardio workouts, for example, training on a treadmill or elliptical trainer. To increase the fiznagruzki should be gradually, so the body had time to accept it and adapt.

    • The speed of recovery process.

    It is very individual, but the average muscle recovery takes 2-3 days. The most accurate indicator are not pain in the muscles, a surge of strength and ability to carry out the following exercise. If after 3 days the pain is gone, but no strength, then we can conclude that the athlete or eating enough protein or enough rest. Depending on the speed of recovery fitness program is broken down into muscle groups and is divided by days. On average, one major muscle group, e.g. legs or chest, work out 1-2 times a week.

    • A person’s gender.

    Exercises for men and women often differ only used by the load, but the sex of the athlete should be taken into account when compiling the program. An important nuance for the effective fitness is the level of testosterone, which directly affects muscle growth. In men it is higher, so the muscle bulk they are easier than girls.

    • Features of the mode of the day.

    An important part of building a program is removed daily physical activity. People, little moving throughout the day necessary cardio load; with the active way of life the emphasis should be done on exercises that strengthen the body. The work schedule depends on the frequency of visits to the gym: someone can devote only two days of classes, while others are able to visit it 4-5 times a week. Also do not forget about biorhythms from their recurrence and intensity depends on the time of training.

    When drawing up a training scheme instructor needs to consider all these points and write an individual program for 4-6 weeks. This is the average time for testing. If necessary, the exercise and load is adjusted. After this period the scheme is recommended to change to avoid habituation of the body to stress.

    The compilation of fitness programs

    During the initial visit to the gym instructor can give the athlete a so-called “zero” scheme to determine the level of endurance and strength. Pilot program helps determine the reaction of the muscles to fiznagruzki, the ability to accurately repeat the movement, the skills of mastering the right technique, and also allows determining the total physical performance.

    The first month of classes, it is not recommended to use heavy strength exercises (such as deadlifts or squats). Weak muscles of the body is not able to handle the load, so the risk of injury increases. The best option will be a variety of flexion and extension of limbs, hyperextension, push-UPS and pull-UPS (if necessary, you can use rubber tubing). At the beginning of each fitness classes conduct cardio warm-up for 5-10 minutes; exercise complete stretch.

    From the very first day of classes, working with minimal weights, you need to learn how to perform all exercises with increasing load, incorrect technique can result in serious injury. As addiction, it is necessary to define further the purpose of training, will then work to ground and the terrain is either for weight loss or endurance training. Depending on this and build a fitness program. For a variety of schemes you can use the method of cycles, when in the same week doing the same program, for example, working with large weights, and in the second week develop endurance, using mnogoobraznye approaches with small weight.

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