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How to perform pushups from the floor?

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Among athletes fairly common exercise is push-UPS. Thanks to the inclusion of this movement in the program it is possible to achieve good results and to bring the body into order. Let’s discuss the features and types of exercises.

Pushups – one of the best exercises to work the entire body. During his performance, it is possible to develop strength, endurance, increase muscle, and strengthen joints. Exercise not only your upper body, but lower, as the need to coordinate the work of all muscles.

The types of pushups

Technique push-UPS may be different with the offset on the triceps or chest. Let’s consider a variant on the study of the triceps:

Such a system of push-UPS as follows: take the emphasis lying. Hands are at the level of the chest. Elbows close to the body. Begin the exercise. Then his hands stretch themselves and take the starting position. You should not fall until the end, so will load the chest muscles. So we should not straighten your elbows.

Let’s consider the other basic types of implementation:

The emphasis on the pectoralis muscle. It is necessary to take the emphasis lying. Palms on the floor slightly wider than shoulders. The legs extended down, and the socks hit the surface. Back straight, looking back. Go down with the average speed. Distance from the chest to the floor should be 3 to 5 inches. You can do to touch the surface. Then straighten arms and return to starting position. Linger for a few seconds and repeat the exercise. The elbows are placed should not be pressed to the body.

The classic version of the push-UPS. It is necessary to take the emphasis lying. The back should be straight, shoulders are above the pelvis. Straining muscles of a stomach, you will control the body position.

Brushes are at shoulder level and are not displayed in any direction. The hands placed shoulder width apart. Cervical vertebra is not rounded, the head is in a comfortable position.

Do smooth pushing down on the inhale. The elbows bend at a time and look only ago. Not placed to the sides, otherwise you can get injured. The back remains straight.

We should stoop to achieve between the forearm and the biceps angle of 90 degrees. Then straighten the elbows on the exhale and return to starting position.

Exercises may complicate with special shells. It can be a fucking vest or belt with weights. The weight must not exceed 20 kilograms. The shells are placed on the back and add to the burden. It is not necessary to use weights for people who have back problems.

The benefits of exercise

The complex allows to work these muscles:

  • Large and small pectoral muscle.
  • Triceps.
  • Delta.
  • Big and middle gluteal muscle.
  • The upper and lower abs.
  • Lumbar triangle.

Let’s consider the main advantages of pushups:

  • Study of certain groups of muscles.
  • Increasing the force and speed of impact.
  • Improving endurance.
  • Helps get rid of extra pounds.
  • Accelerating the metabolism.
  • Improving muscle relief.
  • Help to recover the girls after childbirth and breastfeeding.
  • It is possible to get rid of the accumulated fat on the hands.
  • Prevention of injuries of the joints.

Damage, errors and contraindications

Exercise is quite effective and not very difficult to execute. But not all of it will fit. Forbidden to those who present chronic diseases of the joints and curvature of the spine.

From training, such diseases may be aggravated. It is not necessary to do push-UPS with their own weight, if you have a lot of extra pounds. Thus there is stress on the elbows. It is better to perform cardio workouts and you follow a special diet. Also exercise can cause harm if not to follow the technique.

There are the following errors:

  • Wrong formulation of the elbows. The amplitude of the chest may be controlled by means of a pivot elbows. But the result of such actions increases the risk of serious injury.
  • Incorrect setting of the hands. Some believe that the wide setting will be much better developed chest muscles. This view is correct, but also increases the load on the joints of the hands. So you can easily get injured.
  • The deflection of the back. During the exercise, the spine should always be straight.
  • A partial bench press. If you are unable to perform the exercise at full strength, you should not stop doing it. Hands should bend to 90 degrees.

22 day scheme

You need to choose the right scheme push-UPS for themselves. The exercise included in the workout, which consists of 22 classes. Therefore, the train will take at least seven weeks. Classes are held three times in seven days. Between classes have to do the rest on the day. It is necessary for the regeneration of muscle tissue.

The program push-UPS with a gradual increase in reps for a month as follows:

  • First workout – 4 sets 12.
  • Second – 3 at 15.
  • Third – 5 at the 18.
  • Fourth – 4 at the 22.
  • Fifth – 3 for 26.
  • Sixth – 4 at 30.
  • Seventh – 5 at the 32.
  • Eighth – 6 at the 35.
  • Ninth – 5 for 38.
  • Tenth – 4 at the 42.
  • Eleventh – 3 at 45.
  • Twelfth – 5 for 44.
  • Thirteenth – 4 for 46.
  • Fourteenth – 4 for 48.
  • Fifteenth – 5 on 50.

If you follow the right techniques and regular practice – it is possible to achieve a positive result in the near future.

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