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How to perform gymnastic acrobatics?

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Tumbling is a sport that captivates. To perform acrobatic exercises need to be healthy. It requires a lot of diligence and daily training. Let’s look at the basic gymnastic elements and their characteristics.

The concept of acrobatics, types, advantages

First of all, consider the notion of “acrobatics”. This is one of the branches of gymnastics, which is aimed at improving stamina, strength, flexibility and developing balance. For developing skills requires regular exercise.

Acrobatics klassificeret for the following types:

  • Sports (the most common because it suits the role workout routine for both women and men).
  • Circus (a more sophisticated look that demands attention, exposure, and costs a lot of time).
  • Special. Includes difficult acrobatic maneuvers (flips, falls, jumps, etc.) used in the training of dancers and athletes.
  • Consider the main advantages acrobatics:

    • develops flexibility of the body;
    • improving the functioning of the systems and organs of the body;
    • strengthens the immune system;
    • pumped all muscle groups;
    • it regulates the work of vestibular apparatus;
    • increasing the power level;
    • strengthens the spine, acrobat becomes a beautiful posture.

    Acrobatics for children contraindications

    As a rule, the acrobatics begin to engage from an early age. To achieve a harmonious development and dedication in the performance of gymnastic elements, you can only start to learn in childhood. Responsibility, politeness, confidence – important qualities for acrobat. Please note that before you register your child for these classes, go to the hospital for a full medical examination.

    In order to achieve success in the adult acrobatics, it takes a lot of will power and good health indicators. The sport can’t do in the presence of the following pathologies:

    • bronchial asthma;
    • epilepsy;
    • disorders of the cardiovascular system;
    • myopia;
    • a weak nervous system;
    • malfunctions in the musculoskeletal system.

    Gymnastic acrobatic elements

    Are classified into two types:

  • Dynamic (performed during execution of the various movements).
  • Statistics (focused on the development of skills retention of the body in different positions).
  • Dynamic

    To this type belong the following motion:

    • A coup (you need to roll over through the head, and then lean on hands). This exercise may in different variations.
    • Rifts (the coup on the floor, without the involvement of the head).
    • Flip (revolution in the head without the use of hands).
    • Preparevalue (similar to regular coups, but without rotation).
    • Somersaults (single or serial turning over the head).


    Consider the stationary acrobatic elements:

    • Stand (athlete adopts a fixed position upside down, with the help of which you can build a group pyramid). This is a basic exercise upon which it is possible to create complex gymnastic maneuvers in randata or wheel.
    • Bridges. Acrobat makes the deflection in the lower back, supports carried on the hands and feet (rarely in the head). This exercise is often performed alone.
    • Support (acrobat takes a certain strong position on your partner.
    • twine (both longitudinal and transverse legs on the same trajectory of the floor).

    Professional elements

    This is the most difficult exercise, requiring extensive preparations, including a mandatory stretching and Jogging. These include:

    • flight Salto (Salto combination with other elements of the statistical or dynamic exercise).
    • mondat back Handspring, includes double somersault, after which the standing legs are connected and performed a squat on the edge of a special gymnastic pit, which is a jump bridge. After this maneuver is stand on his hands, after which athlete’s foot, falling back, and this time he pushes up with his hands. Before performing this exercise requires a warm-up back and stretch.

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