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How to perform a dead pull with a barbell?

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This exercise like dead lift, well developed back muscles of the thigh area and back. When you run you must take into account all the mistakes and recommendations. Let’s look at how to do the exercise.

Features exercises

This exercise like dead lift, is isolated. Performed for the development of muscles back of the thigh area. Also involves the following muscles:

  • • The extensor of the back.
  • • The muscles of the lower back: square.
  • • The buttocks.
  • • Abdominals.
  • • The forearm.
  • • The broadest muscle.
  • • Round the spine.

From the classic exercises, dead lift differs in that it does not involve the quadriceps.

This is due to the straight position. To perform the necessary stretching. Just so happens to do the exercise correctly and achieve a positive result.

The technique of dead pull

Original position before performing the dead thrust as follows:

  • • You must place the disks on the rod.
  • • Approach to the projectile. Feet are hip distance apart and parallel to each other.
  • • There is a need to do a forward bend, sit down and take the pelvis back. Back at the same bend.
  • • Should take Grif closed grip wider than shoulder width.
  • • Rod is raised and held at arm’s length.
  • • Knees slightly bent.

The technique of dead thrust:

  • • Back straight, lower back arched. On the inhale vulture descends parallel to straightened legs as low as possible.
  • • The pelvis is not much one goes down and is not running squat. Knees nearly straight.
  • • At the bottom need to stay on a few seconds to the thigh muscles well stretched.
  • • On exit the projectile rises. Involved spinal muscles. Body smooth.
  • • Exhaling, return to the upright position.

Recommendations dead thrust

The technique of thrust is not dead simple, so you should follow the following guidelines:

  • • At the first training session it is better to do exercise with an empty neck. If you just take a lot of weight, it can harm the spine.
  • • Do not bend below parallel with the surface. This is enough to load on the target muscle. If you lean lower, the back will become rounded and will damage the spine.
  • • The head should be on one line with a vertebrae. So the body is better stabiliziruemost and the back remains straight.
  • • You should start the exercise from the stand. So back won’t hunch when tilted.
  • • It is good to develop flexibility of the muscles back of the thigh. It limits the scope of the movement.
  • • Before performing exercises should perform warm-up to warm up the muscles. Also do the stretching back of the thigh area and calves of the legs.
  • • When doing a dead pull with a barbell, you must always look forward. Thus, the back remains smooth.
  • • If necessary, use a power rack or terminal block.
  • • Legs not included in the work, but also tense.
  • • You need to breathe correctly: on power – up- exhale, relaxing breath.

Errors and contraindications to exercise

When performing dead thrust often make such mistakes:

  • • Spin round. To avoid errors do not need much bend and use a large weight.
  • • Knees are bent when moving down. It can move the load on the buttocks. To straighten to the end nor should they, as this will lead to injury.
  • • A deviation of the case back. It is bad for the spine.
  • • Abduction of the pelvis back. In this case, the burden is on the buttocks, not your back and hips.

This exercise is contraindicated. It is not advisable to use people with a bad back. As the load goes on this part of the body. If you use a small weight may appear discomfort and pain. In this case, you should stop the exercise.

Also you should consult with a qualified professional, who will tell you whether you can turn a dead pull in the training program. It depends on the nature of the injury and its prescription.

Exercise is often used for finishing off the muscle. Therefore, the dead thrust is performed after the basic elements. Often combined with heavy squats. Exercise do 3-4 sets 12-15 times.

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