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How to motivate yourself to exercise: the benefits of physical activity

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How to motivate yourself to exercise: the benefits of physical activity

The contents

  • The benefits of physical activity
  • Recipes that don’t work
  • The psychology of motivation: effective recipes

About the exclusive benefits of physical activity for health is known to everyone. But the benefits of sport in itself is not a sufficient argument to immediately go to the gym or at least do morning exercises. Many people you need even more motivation to train. If the thought of regular fitness classes not enthusiastic, you need to find the driving force that will push for action. How to motivate yourself to exercise?

The benefits of physical activity

Physical activity is one of the main conditions of health and longevity. A sedentary lifestyle leads to diseases and premature aging. Sports improve health, tone up and give a lot of positive emotions. It is a well known fact but very few people are motivated for regular trips to the gym. Not everyone can think of the future. While a person is healthy, he’s not thinking about the possible diseases that originate from deficiency of physical exertion. And even when the start of health problems, many people prefer not to admit that the reason is lack of exercise. It will have to make a serious effort to rebuild a life, find time for workouts, correct diet. It is much safer to live by established habit. Sometimes you have already selected a form of exercise and a planned workout, but classes are constantly being postponed. Not enough of a momentum, pushing to action. What in this case can help the psychology of motivation?

Recipes that don’t work

To force yourself to exercise willpower is a frequent recommendation, but not too effective. Unfortunately, iron will is not at all. If the person is not convinced of the need for change, his willpower will not last long. The human body tends to conserve energy and spend it only on those actions that bring pleasure or are necessary to ensure urgent and vital needs. If the sport is not the soul or feel that the training is not necessary, the volitional resources will soon be exhausted. The recipe “turn on vent” is ineffective, in most cases have to find additional motivation.

The Internet is often motivational videos from instructors, coaches, and sponsors a variety of video courses in fitness. There folded athletically fit people demonstrate their achievements in fitness and are encouraged to follow their example. If such videos to enhance motivation? Fit, but the effect will be short-lived. Videos from the Internet charged with enthusiasm for a while. Motivational videos watched in the evening, forgotten by morning. He is not able to be the stimulus which will force you to get out of bed early to go Jogging. These videos are best viewed before exercise.

The psychology of motivation: effective recipes

If one example is the strangers in the video, this example works poorly. Another thing — the athlete from the inner circle. People tend to desire to keep up with friends, not to give them strength, beauty, fitness. If among your friends there is a strong fit fitness lovers, looking at them, you can Wake up healthy competition: what have I done? This natural competitiveness is quite capable of motivating to action. But this motivational recipes work only if among the entourage, there are those who can look up to. It is important to surround yourself with positive people. If friends — active person with Hobbies in the field of fitness, it can serve as a serious motivation to exercise.

From the psychology of motivation can be gleaned, and other useful recipes. For example, for anybody not a secret that the active actions of man induces a strong feeling of dissatisfaction. That is makes sense to think seriously about what exactly in life I would like to change, and may it help the sport. Not satisfied with the appearance? I want to increase the attractiveness to the opposite sex? It is precisely those cases when fitness is a part of the solution. Fitness classes form a beautiful shape, develop physical strength, enhance self-confidence. Pleasant appearance and high self — esteem is an added bonus in dealing with the opposite sex and other social communication, for example, when applying for a job. Known fact: over 80% of employers when meeting with applicants for a position pay attention to the appearance.

To summarize, you can briefly list the main operating incentives to sports:

  • The desire to keep up with others. Healthy competition.
  • Dissatisfaction and current life circumstances. Ambition, the desire to succeed.
  • The preservation of health, prevention of illness — for those who are able to work in the long term.

The psychology of motivation and tricks to help you motivate yourself to exercise. For example, you can put yourself in a hopeless situation, when like it or not, and sports have. What do you mean? You can buy expensive equipment or membership to a luxury fitness club. And then, perhaps, will be that will go to waste. Another option: buy a dress 1-2 sizes smaller, or more drastically update your wardrobe. And then, to outfit was just right, will have to actively do fitness for weight loss. This method of motivation is often practiced by women. Of course, without volitional effort in sports can not do. At first you literally have to force myself to hold another training session. But gradually exercise will become a habit and exercise will bring pleasure. You will see the first positive results, and along with them the pride and the desire to achieve new goals.

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