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How to make your lifestyle healthy?

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No one wants to get sick, miss work, spend large amounts on drugs, so more and more people are thinking about switching to a healthy lifestyle. How to make the lifestyle healthy?

The desire to be healthy is common to every reasonable person, no one wants to get sick, miss work and exercise, to spend large sums of money for drugs. In order to move on to a healthy lifestyle, you need to get serious about fitness. Training and proper nutrition improve the health, well-being, make people more beautiful and happy.

Fitness is a rational approach to the lifestyle is not a diet and not exercises to get rid of excess weight, it is formation of correct habits. Habits are controlling you more than you think they are stronger motivation and sense of responsibility. You can go on a diet and lose weight, but eventually the motivation to maintain the diet will decrease bad habits outweigh, the extra weight will return.

Man is its habit, depends on unconscious behaviors, health status and appearance. To change their habits is difficult, but necessary, if we show consistency and persistence, then eventually fitness will also become a habit. The first workout, and attempts at proper nutrition will be perceived as something not very pleasant, but later you start, do not hesitate, choose the right foods to pack a bag for training.

Why people so often fail in their fitness goals? Because they’re trying to instill in myself too many habits at the same time. Anyone not liking sudden changes in life, any habits, both useful and harmful, it is a comfort zone for their owner. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle fail to learn solely on volitional effort, willpower only works for a limited period of time.

In order to get rid of old bad habits, you need to replace them with new ones gradually. The value of one habits much higher than others, some habits serve as a trigger for several actions. For example, if you make a list of necessary products for a week, you will not have each time you visit the store to think if you should buy and eat healthy foods.

When a man is tired, he is not able to make difficult decisions, so most of the wrong decisions taken in the evening.

The same applies to exercise and physical activity, one good habit can lead to several useful actions and Vice versa. Psychologists point out that habit formation is susceptible to the Domino effect, when one good or bad the change of life leads to many similar.

The secret of the transition to a healthy lifestyle is to identify the key bad habits followed by replacement with useful. Replacement should occur systematically, trying to change all the habits at one point lead to burnout, exhaustion and a return to a former way of life.

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