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How to make Russian twisting?

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Russian twisting or, in other words, Russian twist is an ideal exercise for working out the muscles of the press. Thanks to him, while observing a calorie deficit, you can achieve beautiful cubes on your stomach. This exercise does not require specific skills. It can be performed by both a beginner and a professional. The degree of load is easily adjustable, if you are a beginner – you need to put your feet on the floor, if of average level of training – keep your feet on weight, and if you are a professional, then take a shell in your hands.

What muscles work?

When performing the folds, the oblique muscles of the abdomen are perfectly turned on, and the straight and transverse are also involved. In a word, Russian twist twists make the whole box work. There are several variations of the exercise. Result from this physical load:

a beautiful flat stomach with traced muscles;
the volume of the abdominal cavity becomes smaller, the internal organs are kept in the correct position, thanks to strong muscles;
a strong frame is necessary when practicing various sports: football, hockey, tennis, various martial arts;
beautiful posture;
strong lower back;
good coordination of movements;
strength and endurance.

You can not practice with problems with the spine, it is only allowed after consultation with a specialist. It is necessary to listen to the sensations, if there is pain or discomfort, it is better to stop pumping.

muscle twisting

How to perform?

Russian twisting exercises have several varieties. There is a classic performance, on the basis of which many others were invented.

Sit on the rug, bend your knees, the body is slightly tilted back, the back is rounded, the core is tense. Arms extended in front of you.
Feet should be torn off the floor and begin to fold. Knees must not be unbent, twists and turns are allowed as opposed to the body.
Perform three or four approaches 20-25 times, depending on preparedness. Press training should be done to failure, that is, without a long rest until the muscle fibers begin to burn, and there is no strength left for the next approach.

classic twisting

Twisting Options

There are several ways to diversify your training.

Bicycle, a complicated way. It is necessary to lie on your back, legs in static, lifting with a turn of the body, that is, the elbow is pulled to the opposite knee. A safe way for the spine is to do something on fitball.
Weight twisting. This is the same fold, but with a weight in hand (ball, dumbbell and more).
Crease on an inclined bench. Here you need to fix the legs and perform the exercise as usual.
Leg raises or reverse twists. In this exercise, you need to tear off not the upper body, but the lower one.
Oblique muscles can be additionally worked out with an exercise that is done lying on your side. This is a rather difficult pumping, which is used only by experienced athletes.

Russian twisting on the press, kneeling or standing in full growth. In the first version, you need to kneel down facing the projectile, grab the handle and exhale pull it to the floor. The press is as tense as possible. In the second option, the same thing, but you need to stand at full height. The amplitude increases, so the load on the muscles increases.

These are some of the most popular options. When working on the terrain, try to do as many repetitions as possible. This is necessary in order for the treasured cubes to appear. And also do not forget that exhale is exerted on the effort, that is, when lifting the body, exhale. The moment you fall to the floor, keep your stomach tight. It is not advisable to completely lie down on the floor, this reduces the load.

When folding, a lot of energy is consumed. This is due to the fact that a large number of muscles are involved in the work: the muscles of the press, back, cortex, arms, legs, and even the pectoral muscles. In addition, you can well develop coordination of movements. Training favorably affects the work of internal organs, since at the moment of work they receive more oxygen. Do not load yourself with daily trips to the gym, just two to three times a week is enough. Between workouts, muscle fibers will recover. Such work on yourself will quickly give the desired result.

twisting with weight

How to make the most effective

To complicate, you can tear off your legs from the floor, this additionally loads the oblique muscles of the abdomen. This is due to the fact that increasing statistical stress, it is more difficult to maintain equilibrium. Also, to increase the load, you can increase the amplitude turns to the side. Athletes with experience can use additional weighting, they can serve as pancakes, kettlebells or stuffed balls.

If the legs are difficult to hold on the floor, you can use the help of a partner or fix the legs with a bench or a special device.

In addition to all of the above, it is worth paying attention to the position of the hands during the exercise. If you are a beginner, then your hands can be placed closer to the pelvis, this will slightly reduce the load. In short, the farther the hands are from the pelvis, the more difficult the physical activity. Experienced athletes should keep their arms as far away as possible from the head and pelvis to increase the load. Rest between sets should not be long, half a minute is enough and you can proceed to the next set. Do not ignore stretching, it relieves pain after training, stretches muscle fibers and improves blood flow. It is enough to do stretching after the main training for 10-15 minutes.

Is it possible to lose weight?

No matter how you work in the gym, no matter how you press, you can’t lose weight if you don’t adjust the diet. The most important rule for weight loss is to spend more than you consume, i.e. a calorie deficit. In this case, a beautiful tight muscular body will not keep itself waiting. Moreover, twisting you will be good helpers, as this is a fairly energy-intensive exercise.

In addition, if you dream of a thin waist, you should not get carried away with lateral twisting with weights, as it develops the lateral muscles and increases them in size. Enough workout without extra weight. If your goal is a sculpted body, pronounced muscles, then dumbbells or pancakes to help you.

twisting calories

Technological errors

In any training, the main thing is to competently approach the matter. This case is no exception. Not observing the execution technique, you will not only not get beautiful cubes, but you can also harm your health.

You can not lean your head back and lower it strongly forward. Strong tension in the cervical vertebrae should not be. The head should be in line with the body.
You can not reduce the amplitude. This technique helps to fully utilize the oblique muscles of the abdomen.
The back should be round. A straight back can hurt the spine, and efficiency drops.
Knees should be fixed. You can not turn them or roll over to one side.
Do not miss the workout before, it is fraught with injuries.


Russian twisting for the press is loading the lumbar, so if you have problems in this area, then discard them. They are also contraindicated in people with intervertebral hernias, osteochondrosis and other diseases associated with the lumbar region. If during training there is pain, discomfort, then it is worth completing the work or replacing the exercise with a safer one. Twisting is also prohibited during pregnancy.

Follow some rules to maximize the inclusion of the rectus and oblique muscles and to avoid unnecessary injuries:

proper breathing – during lifting, you need to make a powerful loud exhale, this helps to maximize the load on the desired area and increase the effectiveness of the training;
Do not lower your head and shoulders to the floor, this reduces physical activity;
the back should be pressed to the floor;
it is better to keep your hands near your temples, this eliminates the temptation to pull your head forward;
jerking is prohibited, movements should be slow;
stay at the top point for a few seconds, this increases the load at times.

proper twisting

Do ten to twenty-five repetitions in 3-4 sets. Over time, you can increase the number of repetitions, as well as add weighting. It’s worthwhile to work at an intensive pace if you want to drive fat from the abdomen. Speed ​​should not affect the technique, speeding up the pace, follow the correct execution.

As for which part of the training the press should be worked out, controversy erupts. Some believe that in the beginning, others say that in the end. But if you take into account that twisting is a rather energy-consuming job, then it is better to transfer it to the end of the workout.


If for some reason twists are not suitable for you, then they can be replaced by other, equally effective physical exercises. You can use all kinds of planks, of which there are quite a lot. The lumbar is not so heavily loaded in the bar, but there are also several rules that must be adhered to:

from the top of the head to the heels – one straight line, do not bend the lower back;
the bar can be run from the knees, relying on a roller or ball;
effective walking bar or climbers, jumping in the bar, side bar.
These and other options will help you work out the muscle fibers of the press.

As described above, Russian twisting is a good, useful activity that can develop not only muscle, but also endurance and strength. Be sure to adhere to the correct technique in order not to harm your health. Following all the recommendations, you can quickly bring your figure closer to the dream figure.


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