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How to make legs slender: nutrition and exercise for weight loss

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How to make legs slender: nutrition and exercise for weight loss
The contents

  • Food rules for weight loss legs
  • The best exercise for legs
  • Features slimming leg in their different zones
  • Effective exercises for the leg muscles

Slimming in the legs is fairly long and complex process, requiring compliance with several conditions. In addition to training, be sure to eat right and perform a variety of cosmetic treatments that accelerate overall weight loss and makes the skin more toned and elastic.

Food rules for weight loss legs

A healthy and balanced diet plays an important role in the fight against excess fat deposits on the legs. In many sources you can find information about how to create that caloric deficit should be reduced their consumption by about 30%. This recommendation is valid, but with only one caveat: it is also important to choose the right foods from which those calories come.

Wanting to reduce foot in volume and make them elastic, you should make up your diet by such rules:

  • to exclude from the menu or to minimize the consumption of quick carbohydrates;
  • to reduce fat intake, opting for healthy (nuts, seeds, vegetable oil);
  • eat more vegetables and fruits rich in fiber;
  • fill the diet of protein foods, to use which it is necessary, mainly in the first half of the day;
  • to eliminate cellulite useful to use “warming” food that improves blood circulation (hot spices);
  • reduce swelling in the legs helps products containing potassium, for example, dried apricots;
  • dairy products should be consumed daily to improve intestinal motility.

In addition to compiling the right diet, you need to install and diet. To be eaten in approximately equal time intervals, all methods should be about 4-5, while the usual serving is halved.

The best exercise for legs

Proper nutrition in itself is able to provide fast weight reduction, however, my leg muscles will lose their elasticity, and skin sagging. To avoid this, your life must be a physical exercise that helps tighten the skin, bring the muscles in tone and make them bold.

Aerobic exercises are the best for weight loss whole body and legs in particular. Among them, the most effective is running, to engage in that can be in the gym on the treadmill and near the stadium, and even at home, running on the spot. In the course of such exercises that work virtually all the muscles of the body, but the legs have the greatest exercise. It is also useful in order to deal with the jumping rope, swimming, Cycling and other cardio equipment.

Aerobic exercise will help only slightly to bring the muscles, while strength training will help form a beautiful relief on the legs. Also a good development of muscles accelerates the metabolic processes, and further fat burning even at rest.

Features slimming leg in their different zones

General slimming of the legs is provided by regular cardio and perform basic strength exercises. Let us consider in detail those areas in which excess fat accumulates in larger amounts than others:

  • The inner thighs are involved in daily movements in the least degree, but because the fat on her is almost always. To get rid of it with aerobic exercise and isolation exercises for the adductor muscles of the thigh (squats sumo, lifting lower legs up in lying on its side).
  • For effective weight loss at the top of the legs, namely in the area of the biceps and quadriceps of the thigh and in the buttocks should follow the right diet with a minimal amount of fast carbs and be sure to perform exercises such as squats (classic and sumo), lunges forward and backward.
  • To cope with excess fat in the calf area and shins by using power adjustments, jumping rope, stretching and walking on the toes. Despite the fact that this part of the feet active all the others involved in the process of walking to achieve weight loss can be difficult, especially if there is a genetic predisposition to obesity.
  • If you want to get body fat down, but not pump up the muscles, you should focus on cardio, and all the strength exercises to do without additional weights.

    Effective exercises for the leg muscles

    The following set of exercises is most effective for quick weight loss in the legs and buttocks:

  • Standing straight, place feet shoulder width of the pelvis, the hand can put on the waist, hip or have a head. Keeping your back straight, slowly lower yourself until then, until the hips will not take a horizontal position, the knees should not go beyond your toes. It is recommended to perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions of the item.
  • Stand straight with feet connect, hands on the waist. Make a wide step with one leg forward and sit down so that the joints of both feet formed right angles, the rear was on his knee. Then you can return to the starting position, and you can continue the exercise moving forward. For starters do 3 sets 10 times.
  • Lie on your right side, put one hand on his forearm and hold it on the head, the second rest on the floor. Slowly lift the top leg up, making 3 sets of 20 repetitions. Then the upper leg, put in front of him rhythmically raise and lower, pulling the sock itself. Perform same number of repetitions.
  • Stand up straight, widely open your legs and spread your toes around. Slowly lower yourself down until the hips will take the horizontal position, the back always keep straight.
  • Get on all fours so that your palms are directly under the shoulder joints and the knees under the hip. Fixing the position, follow UPS bent leg to the side. Repeat the exercise each limb 20 times in 3 sets.
  • While in a previous position, do extension, and lifts straight legs back — 3 sets of 20 repetitions.
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