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How to maintain weight after weight loss?

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Most likely you have heard that 95% of people after weight loss once again gaining throw pounds. Maintain your body weight easier than lose weight, but for some reason many cannot cope with this simple task.

Most likely you’ve heard that 95% of people gain weight after weight loss. Maintain weight easier than to get rid of extra pounds, but for some reason many can’t handle such a simple task. If you have successfully lost weight, then use these recommendations to make your weight did not return again.

Be active

After you have successfully lost the weight, it is important to continue to be active. Now you no longer have to train on a rigid schedule, choose exercises that you like, and do them regularly. Maybe you will be thrilled with the dances, team sports, active games.

If you stop being active, the metabolism slows, the pounds will come back again.
Regularly vzveshivat

Natural weight fluctuations are inevitable, regular weighing will help to define the permissible limits of fluctuations. Vzveshivat once a week, then you miss an important point and will not gain weight again.

Put new goals

When losing weight you were motivated, so successfully trained and dieted. After the purpose of weight loss is achieved, it is necessary to find a new vector for aspirations. You might be interested in marathons and other sporting events. Without the target you cast exercise and proper nutrition, which is why the extra pounds will come back.

Regularly eat

Do not skip any meals, especially Breakfast. Regular meals keep from overeating and unplanned snacking. This is one of the mandatory measures how to lose weight and to maintain a stable body weight.

Plan meals in advance

Pre-meal planning easier to ensure a balanced diet. Propisivat healthy menu for the week, make the appropriate purchase, prepare meals routine. Thanks to this principle you are going to eat healthy and protect themselves from temptations.

Keep eating fiber

In order to save weight, we need to continue to load your plate with vegetables. Dietary fiber not only help to lose and retain weight. Most likely, you have developed the habit of eating a lot of vegetables when losing weight, it is a useful habit, she needs to stay with you for life.

Be consistent

In order to weight never wavered from side to side, you need to be consistent. Find your right balance of nutrition and physical activity to maintain a stable weight, and stick to this balance. Food diary and training will be useful not only for weight loss but now.

Be vigilant

Be proud of what you managed to achieve, but do not lose vigilance. Remember that you have passed long and difficult way. You’ve put too much effort to go back to old habits and gain extra pounds again. Vigilance and a little willpower is all that is required to maintain the weight loss.

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