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How to lose weight in three weeks?

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weight loss may not be fast, but the right course will allow you to see good results in three weeks. Follow these nine tips, and after three weeks your body will change.

Safe health weight loss may not be quick, but choosing the right technique for weight loss allows you to see good results after three weeks. Follow these nine tips and your body will be transformed in just three weeks.

Regularly do cardio

Workout cardio is one of the best things that you can do for your weight loss, they do a body wonders. Use this format loads which have to taste, running or swimming, step aerobics or Cycling, climbing or dancing.

Any cardio exercise that burns huge amount of calories and tightens the body.
Drink a lot of water

Water speeds up all the metabolic processes in the body, drinking enough water helps to get rid of fat and excess fluid, which delays the body.

Do yoga

Yoga helps to lose weight by reducing stress levels. When you’re in stress, the blood sugar level becomes higher and it is not good. The increase of sugar level in the blood is not only a hindrance to lose weight, but also contributes to the development of diabetes and other dangerous diseases.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits filled with water, vitamins and fiber. The more vegetables and fruit in your diet, the easier you will lose weight.

Eat more protein

Drinking enough protein is important for weight loss and maintaining normal body weight. Protein sources should be healthy – lean meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, nuts.

Do three main meals

Main meals should be three – Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Constant snacking is a terrible habit that does not get rid of excess weight. If you really are too hungry to tide you over until your next meal, allow yourself a few pieces of fruit, nothing more.

Eat slowly

Rapid ingestion of food contributes to overeating. Each piece of food should be thoroughly chewed, then the brain will register the meal and the time you send the feeling of satiety.

Control portion sizes

A lot of people can’t lose weight because of the inability to control the amount of portions. Eating snacks made of opaque packages and boxes dangerous for the figure when you see food, you can’t control its volume and eat more than I should.

Be consistent

This is the last, but not least important rule, consistency is important in training and in nutrition. Don’t let anyone or anything knock you off your chosen course, the more consistent you’re, the sooner you will see the result of their efforts.

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