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How to lose weight in thighs?

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Subcutaneous fat is rarely distributed throughout the body evenly, it is usually localized in certain places. The difficulty to lose weight in the hips pursues both women and men.

Proper nutrition and exercise can help to reduce the percentage of fat in the body, evenly burning the subcutaneous fat throughout the body. The problem is, fat is burned evenly, but accumulates – unevenly, the result weight loss becoming slim body with full hips. To get rid of residual fat on the thighs will be more difficult, need to continue training and proper nutrition, as well as to comply with these recommendations.

Limiting the consumption of salt

The fullness of the hips is not only fat, but also accumulated in muscle and fat tissues water. Excessive salt intake disrupts the functioning of the kidneys, they only recycle some of the water, the remainder is retained in the tissues. Excess salt enters the body not only salt, but also through the products, most of the salt in the sausages, other processed meat products, sauces and convenience foods.

The increase in intake of electrolytes

Intake of calcium, potassium and magnesium in sufficient quantity will make you more active in training, and will also help the kidneys to do their job. To obtain electrolytes from Sotnikov, but it is reasonable to use more natural sources – fruits and vegetables.

Most of the electrolytes contained in dark green leafy vegetables and bananas.
A Cup of coffee every day

Organic coffee without sugar will give energy for exercise and speed up metabolism. Coffee has a slight diuretic effect, so that the tissues will not stagnate fluid. A day to drink a mug or a couple cups of coffee, drinking it should fall on the first half of the day.

To drink more water

The body stores water in the tissues not because of its excess supply, on the contrary – the more water a person drinks, the less it swells. With a lack of water the body tends to stock it for future use and to keep for a long time. In addition, the habit of drinking lots of water helps take the edge off hunger between meals and not to excess calories, which will settle on the hips.

Eat more protein and fiber

In foods high in protein or dietary fiber contains little calorie, each of them will be useful in their own way. Fiber helps maintain satiety for a long time, but protein foods need to build muscles. The higher the body’s muscles, the less fat, this applies to body fat in any location.

To train intensively

The basis of weight loss is proper nutrition, but physical activity enhance its effectiveness. Exercise program for weight loss in hips should include cardio as well as exercises for the thighs – various lunges and squats, gluteal bridge, bends to the side.

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