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How to lose weight in lashkah: list of exercises

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What you need to do to make thighs thinner? Are there any workouts that simultaneously involves the muscles of the legs, buttocks and stomach? What exercises are most effective? You can read about it in this article.

Shapely, toned legs play a big role in shaping the overall silhouette of a figure. Lyashko is the most problematic area of the lower body. They are prone to accumulation of fatty deposits, and on the outside and inside of the thighs is often found cellulite. So many women wonder about how to lose weight in lashkah and the Pope. To eliminate these problems at home, and also to tone the abdominal muscles and buttocks really using basic exercises.


Chair creates a static load and provides training exposure. Exercise for weight loss lyashek performed in a stationary state, require stable wall. “The chair” is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • stand with your back to the base, the blades, buttocks and heels are firmly placed;
  • slowly sliding by adopting a provision similar to sessile (the angle against the wall should be 90 degrees);
  • to stay in this state for as long as possible;
  • hand can take any position, but you can’t hold onto objects, creating additional points of support;
  • stand up straight (when you try to sit, there is a risk of falling due to losing balance).

Thanks to the exercise “high Chair” calorie burn at high speed, and the load does not exceed the permissible, as it involves own weight without weights. During the training process actively works the muscles of the legs, buttocks, back.


Squatting is the most effective exercise in the fight against obesity in the field lyashek. But most of these girls are doing it wrong. To effectively execute squats, you need:

  • put feet shoulder width apart;
  • arms extend forward or down, hands at sides;
  • maximum slowly bend your knees;
  • to keep a straight back and not to take the foot off the floor;
  • repeat 10-15 times.

Lifts the pelvis in the supine position

Exercises for lyashek in the supine position to perform better because of the low hazards. For exercise pelvis you need to:

  • lie on your back;
  • legs bent at the knees;
  • hand be placed perpendicular to the torso, palms down;
  • slowly raise the pelvis without lifting your feet off the floor and the shoulder blades;
  • to stay in this position for 3-5 seconds;
  • to return to the starting position;
  • repeat the exercise 20 times.

The described method of workout will help to get beautiful thighs and to tone the buttocks with the muscles of the lumbar spine.

Reverse hyperextension

In the gym exercise is performed on the simulator, but at home it is recommended to replace two stable stools that are installed close to each other and covered with a solid blanket. You need to go over the body to a makeshift structure, stomach, shoulders and hip bone close to the surface, and the legs remained without the support of weight and put fingers to the floor. Holding hands for support and straining the muscles of the hips, performed the raising of the lower extremities. In the process of training observed the rhythm of breathing: inhale – lift, exhale – the starting position.

Repeat the reverse hyperextension 10 reps no more than 3 approaches. Apply the described exercises for slimming the abdomen and lyashek at the same time.

Leg swings standing

Lifting the legs in an upright position – the most effective way to work out inner thighs. To perform moves you will need:

  • become directly, feet on width of shoulders;
  • leg raise to the side or forward;
  • on each leg – 15 swings;
  • keep your back straight.

Described exercise for weight loss legs and lyashek is allowed to perform leaning one hand on the wall.

To complicate the exercise on the ankle weights attached.


Provides different variations of the exercise “Scissors”, but for pumping thighs and the press of the most effective this technique:

  • to lie on a smooth dense surface (floor, Mat, firm mattress);
  • hands down along the body;
  • legs smooth, elongated, slightly raised above the surface (in the process of performing the “Scissors” they hold the weight);
  • moving up and down limbs with small amplitude within 1-3 minutes without dropping to the floor and not rising above 45 degrees.

This method of loading the muscles of the legs allows you to work out the back of Lasik from buttocks to remove the “ears” to aspire to women with excess weight.

Leg lifts from a kneeling

This type of load captures the thighs and buttocks. To perform exercises should:

  • to kneel;
  • tilt your body forward;
  • to rely on the palm;
  • straighten the position of the head to the chin was parallel to the floor;
  • legs alternately raise up, leaving bent at the knee;
  • repeat 15-20 times.

To increase the loading allowed the addition of weights fixed on the folds of the legs, but not on the feet. Before performing the workout unfolds soft non-slip fabric with dense structure, avoiding the bruises on his knees.


Exercise is difficult and time consuming, suitable for people with basic physical training and the absence of a great excess weight loss, diagnosed as obesity I-III degree. “Gun” is done after an active warm up of the feet.

The knee joint receives the most load, so it worked out longer than other parts of the body.

In the process of training employees:

  • takes a standing position;
  • slow squats, making the attack one of the legs;
  • elongated limb is in a position parallel to the floor;
  • rectified;
  • repeats the exercise with the other leg;
  • on each limb accounts for 5-10 repetitions.

The pistol helps develop coordination, but with the wrong technique and torso recommended the use of additional supports or walls. Exercise promotes the burning of calories, will involve the most muscles of the body, but especially your calf and spinal cord.

Leg swings back

Simple and effective exercise helps to get rid of fat deposits from the inner thigh that is the biggest challenge in losing weight lyashek. Training is carried out in the presence of the chair according to the following scheme:

  • to stand up to face him from the back;
  • grab the top of the supports;
  • legs retract without bending;
  • to understand the extremities to the maximum height;
  • keep your back straight without strong bend forward;
  • repeat 20 times with each leg.

For pumping thighs fit:

  • specialized exercises at home and in the fitness room;
  • run;
  • Cycling;
  • swimming with no arms (on the back).

These kinds of exercise will be beneficial for the cardiovascular and nervous systems, as they refer to cardio training.

Daily trenirovok muscles of the thighs, buttocks and the press takes little time and does not require great physical effort. Exercise for weight loss lyashek at home suggest a simple technique with minimal risk of injury. Results appear quickly with regular training.

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