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How to lose weight, doing crunches on a Roman chair

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A beautiful body has always attracted the views of others and makes us more confident. For the harmonious development of muscles and external aesthetic have to work comprehensively. And today we will tell you about one effective exercise for the press.

The functional purpose of the exercise

The stomach is a problematic area for both women and men. It is in this region, at most, delayed the accumulated body fat. And in the difficult struggle for the correct settings, people will flock to gyms.

Perhaps in any of them you run into a trainer called “the Roman chair”. Due to the outwardly simple form (it looks like a incline bench with locking mechanism for the legs) trainer immediately attracts the attention of newcomers. However, it is designed to perform various types of twisting related to the average level of difficulty. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly understand the purpose and technique of performing these exercises.

Crunches on a Roman chair are stand-alone exercises, that is directly involve only a specific group of abdominal muscles. Best worked the rectus abdominis is the primary. If you use different variations of twists can be included, and secondary muscles – oblique.

Twisting and slimming

Who would like a flat tummy or six pack abs? That’s why we “sweat” in the gym. But not so simple. You cannot lose fat only in one certain place. Fat mass leaves the whole body in proportion, of the problem areas (such as abdomen) – last.

You shook the press and expect a flat stomach? In vain, because twisting is not intended for fat burning. They allow you to increase your muscle mass, which is under the fat layer and are often visually only adds extra inches in the waist.

For weight loss still need to adhere to proper nutrition and a comprehensive cardio and fat-burning workouts.

Technique exercises

Adhering to the correct technique of performing sit-UPS, you will avoid unnecessary injuries and get the maximum effect from this exercise.

Consider the classic option:

  • You should start with the training simulator. You need to adjust the angle of the bench. What it is, the harder it will be to complete the exercise.
  • Now take the initial position: lying on back on bench, feet on a special retainer. Hands behind the head, not chained to the castle, elbows are divorced in sides.
  • On the exhale lift your back off the bench and raise the body to the feet (as in a regular crunch by lying on the floor). Fixate for a few seconds at the top and inhale descend to its original position.
  • When performing exercises follow back. It should be straight, not rounded and do not bend and put pressure on the head. Rise occurs only with the help of abdominal muscles of the abdomen. Help feet.

    In one approach it is necessary to do 15-20 repetitions. Training – 3 or 4 sets with a short break.

    If the muscles would get used to it, it can be increased by additional weights, number of repetitions and approaches, or to resort to a more complex variant of execution.

    Variations of crunches on a Roman chair

    Despite the fact that the trainer is not modified, and all models are identical and have a narrow focus (only the elaboration of the abdominal muscles), there are many types of twists. They all have their features:

  • Twisting without lifting the back from the bench. This exercise is intended for pumping the “upper” abs. Technique identical to the classic version of the twisting described above. The only feature we don’t open the back of the bench, only the chest. When twisting, the lower back should be pressed against the bench, shoulders not come off. The frequency of twisting is increased in comparison with the classical variant.
  • Twisting without touching the back of the bench. Is a sophisticated option, since the press is always in tension, and not just when raising/lowering the back.
  • Technique is the same as in the classic version, only when lowering the body we do not touch the bench, and hang a few inches above her. Fixate for a few seconds and then rise up on the exhale.

  • Twisting with the rotation of the body. This exercise gives the main load on the obliques. When lifting your body with your elbow and try to reach for the opposite foot. Do 10-15 repetitions on each side. Twisting with the rotation of the body will make your waist more narrow and graceful.
  • Twisting with dumbbell, plate or rod. For this exercise, you can choose any of the following types of twists and pick up additional weight. Thus, when lifting your body hands with dumbbells or damn need to pull up (towards the ceiling, not to the feet).
  • This option is great for advanced athletes and allows to increase the load qualitatively, not quantitatively.

    The positive and negative aspects

    Crunches on a Roman chair is a very affordable and effective exercises. Among its advantages are:

  • Accessibility. Simulator “Roman chair” – a highly popular and are in every gym.
  • The isolated impact on the abdominal muscles, which helps to form a beautiful relief press.
  • High efficiency. Crunches on a Roman chair give the result at times better than normal crunches on the floor. It’s all in the tilt of the bench.
  • The strength and endurance of abdominal muscles needed when performing other exercises.
  • The possibility of forming not only a beautiful press, but slim waist (when twisting with the rotation of the body).
  • The possibility of increasing the load in the case of habituation of the muscles.
  • Exercise is contraindicated in injuries and diseases of the spine, as well as people with excess weight more than 10 kg.

    Consult with doctors and coach.

    Summing up, here are a few General recommendations:

  • To commence training only after a good workout, when the muscle is sufficiently warmed.
  • You should not perform exercise on a full or empty stomach. You need to eat at least 1 hour before workout, and 1 hour after.
  • Follow the rhythm and regularity of breathing. On the exhale, we make an effort, then there is a lift on the inhale descend to its original position.
  • The rise of the case is due to the load of the abdominal muscles. Don’t help yourself with the hands or feet.
  • Movement is not abrupt, with a clear amplitude.
  • During the twisting should not result in discomfort in the back and neck. Keep your back straight, and hands behind the head, but not in the castle and not pressing on the head.
  • Do not hesitate to seek help or advice from the coach. This will allow you to avoid many mistakes.
  • Do the exercises in combination with cardio and fat burning workouts, not forgetting about proper nutrition.
  • The regularity and systematic training – the key to quality results.
  • Be healthy and beautiful.

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