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How to lose weight before the New year and not break – 6 tips dietitian

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Mikhail Gavrilov
psychotherapist, PhD, author of patented methods of correction of eating behavior and weight loss, a member of the Institute of functional medicine (IFM, USA)

Put the correct target

Your motivation should be positive — not something you want to get rid of, and what you want the result to come. The best option is to write your goals down on paper is understandable in simple language. Write as detailed as possible, with the details and their own feelings of having it now. And Yes, don’t be shy, if your goal will be quite a earth: for example, to move from 48-th size in the 46th or just to look more elegant in skinny skinny. Most importantly, the motivation you inspired.

Change your lifestyle gradually

You in one fell swoop redrew his diet, reduced his calories, stopped drinking three cups of coffee, I began to run every morning and three times in a week to visit the gym. And now at night you regularly do anti-cellulite massage, and a day body wraps for weight loss… If you just so dramatically change your life, it will burn out very quickly. There is the psychology of so-called “rule of small steps.” Implement changes into your life gradually, then you will be able to run to the end of a long distance race and finish worthy.

Do not deny yourself small pleasures gourmet

What is fraught with a complete rejection of the favourite treats? Right, breakdown. In General, a hard limit to anything good does not lead. Something particularly you favorite, but harmful to keep in your diet is possible, but it is important to limit the amount. No more than 120 kcal per day should come from a similar food. Yeah, a little, but if you eat such a small portion slowly, deliberately, you’ll probably enjoy it.

Plan your diet in advance

Decide his menu for the week, make a grocery list and go to the store. Don’t take anything written over! Be sure to buy products for a useful snack and something that you can prepare in a hurry in the event of your extreme fatigue. This can be frozen vegetables, nuts, low-fat dairy products, hummus, vegetable chips.

Say no classic office drinking tea

As a rule, only one tea in this case, the matter does not end there. The course is heavy artillery: candy, cookies, chocolate… Eat a couple of pieces, but empty calories is going to get a lot. Don’t want to be antisocial? Have something more useful to tea. For example, nuts and seeds, dried fruit, diet cookies. Don’t forget, use is also important to know when to stop.

Get rid of the temptation

Cookies from the nearest store for girlfriend, chocolates for mom, smoked sausage for a loved one… are You sure one day you will break and not eat all of these stocks? Such junk food is a big temptation for you. Don’t buy anything like this under the guise that it is for others. But if such food you have left, throw it out — and don’t worry about it.

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